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Coconut Thai Red Prawn Curry Recipe (Thai Shrimp Curry)

This Thai Coconut Red Prawn Curry Recipe is full of flavor and highlights the traditional food culture of Thailand in the spices used to make the delicious and the vibrant experience that comes with eating a traditional Thai red curry. Loaded with the freshest ingredients and sustainable sourced shrimp, this coconut curry shrimp is sure to leave you wanting more.

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Icelandic Creamy Langoustine Recipe | Lobster Bisque (Humarsúpa)

This Icelandic Creamy Langoustine Recipe is a creamy take on a traditional Icelandic classic that is most similar to a lobster bisque and commonly enjoyed during the holiday season. While in Iceland Langoustine’s are used to give this soup its unique flavor, you can also substitute them for shrimp, prawns, or lobster that are available near you.

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Lentil and White Bean Slow Cooker Chili

Personally, I think that slow cookers were invented for the holiday season. When time seems to move at warp speed and there are a thousand and one million things to get done every week, which makes planning, prepping, and cooking healthy meals somewhat overwhelming. Not to mention it's cold outside, and slow cookers are the perfect invention for making feel good healthy meals that just warm up your soul. 

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