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Sustainable Living Gift Guide For The Holidays

Sustainable Living Gift Guide For The Holidays

I know that the holidays are right around the corner, and you may have already chosen and purchased gifts for your friends and family, but just in case you are anything like me and haven't I wanted to share with you some of my favorite sustainable gifts that I am loving right now. 

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Holiday Gift Guide for Conscious Green Living and Beauty

Boy am I excited to share this gift guide with you all because being socially conscious and environmentally aware in my living/beauty habits is something that I am so passionate about. While you all know by now that I am a firm believer in nourishing our bodies with whole, good for us foods, I also believe that the same holds true for the products we put on our bodies, and have in our homes.

Nowadays there are so many incredible "green" conscious brands out there, and many of them are small businesses that it is kind of a no-brainer to make the switch to a more socially conscious, better for you way of living. 

Since making the switch to all-natural, organic beauty/home products can be somewhat intimidating, I curated this incredible list of "green" gifts that would be perfect for anyone in your life trying to lead a more "green" lifestyle. Many of these would make for great stocking stuffers, or little presents for yourself :) I have already purchased many of them to give as little gifts to friends and family, not to mention a few for yours truly over here! 

Like my other gift guides, all of the products depicted are linked below with a description on why I love the product, and why it would make for a super special holiday gift. 

holiday gift guide for conscious green living and beauty

green gift guide.png
  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp: If there is someone in your life who struggles with allergies, seems addicted to commercial air deodorizers, or has issues sleeping at night, a 100% natural Himalayan Salt Lamp would be an excellent choice for a natural alternative solution to all of the above! - $34
  2. RMS X Follain: The Eye Edition: Follain is a lovely store located right in my neighborhood in Boston that focuses on carrying all natural, organic skincare and beauty brands, with an emphasis on local products whenever possible. When I switched to all natural makeup RMS was the first brand I tried and I have loved it ever since! This eye edition kit would be a perfect way to introduce all natural makeup to your eco-friendly loved one! - $60
  3. CLN and DRTY Luxury Anti Aging Facial Oil: Since I threw out all of my non-organic/natural skin care products CLN and DRTY has quickly become a cult favorite of mine. By this point many of you have probably heard that using oil to moisturize our skin is the way to go, and this luxury anti-aging facial oil is pure magic! The fact that it has been formulated for a variety of skin types (even tough combination skin) is incredible and makes it a super versatile gift! The owner/founder of the brand is this beautiful mama with two adorable babies who started CLN and DRTY when she realized that she didn't trust the sunscreen she was using for her childcare, and wanted a safe alternative to all the chemically ridden products marketed to both adults and kids! Needless to say she is quickly taking the natural skincare industry by storm! - $22  

  4. Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Beauty Set - While we are on the topic of all natural skincare, this is another small business that I love. The husband and wife duo started the brand in their Seattle kitchen, and their attention to detail, and the use of quality ingredients definitely shows. Right now I am most excited about this beauty set, which would make a perfect gift for a special someone!
  5. Chi Candles - I absolutely love this eco-friendly soy based candle brand from Etsy. #1 supporting small businesses on etsy just makes me feel good. #2 they smell AMAZING! #3 they are good for our health, the air we breathe, the environment because they are loaded with toxic fillers and instead are made with eco-friendly soy wax and essential oils. - $16
  6. MarbleMist Glass Diffuser: Diffusing essential oils is an incredible way to help calm anxiety, and naturally deodorize a space without any harmful chemicals. This diffuser is absolutely beautiful and rather than looking like a diffuser, it looks more like decorative piece of blown glass making it perfect for any home. - $25 
  7.  CLN and DRTY Natural Deodorant: Okay so lets get real for a second shall we. When it comes to all natural deodorants for the most part they all pun intended. They don't work, they are sticky, you have to use your hands, etc. I can't even tell you how many brands I have tried over the years until FINALLY I found CLN and DRTY. The deodorant is amazing, it blows my old deodorant out of the water, works incredibly, and smells absolutely wonderful! If I could bath in it I would. - $12
  8. Oxo Glassware Storage Container Set - Okay I know what you may be tupperware for a Christmas present? Guys have you seen how expensive these can be! And if you have an eco-friendly cook in your lives trust me she/he will love getting this gift! I straight up want like 5 sets and it would be the best present ever. Since storing in glass containers is really the only way to go in my opinion, they are worth the investment, and not to mention they look beautiful filled with all your delicious meals. - $30
  9. Threads for Thought Clothing - Personally I am obsessed with almost anything that this brand comes out with but I particularly love their workout leggings! Threads for Thought promotes the responsible and sustainable production of fashion forward clothing, and was started in 2007 by a college student who thought the world needed more sustainable clothing choices. Girl after my own heart! - Most items are between $25-75
  10. Organic Stamped Dot Duvet/Pillow Set - Do you know that the cotton industry uses more pesticides than almost any other crop! When I learned this I knew that not only did I need to focus on purchasing organic cotton clothing, but also focus on switching out my bedding to more eco-friendly versions. This pretty duvet set from West Elm uses organic cotton, and would be perfect for someone looking to redo their bedroom, or for a wedding gift! - $29-129
  11. Organic Cotton Cable Knit Throw Blanket - Along the same lines as the organic cotton bedding, these organic throw blankets are beautiful and produced without harmful chemicals. They would make a great holiday gift for someone looking to transition to more organic home textiles, not to mention they look absolutely beautiful! - $65
  12. Aurora Recycled Glassware Bowls (Set of Six) - These glass bowls are stunning and made from 100% recycled glass. We registered for a few recycled glass items for our wedding and they have quickly become some of my favorite pieces! These would be perfect for someone getting married, or as a hostess/host housewarming gift! - $28

Note: I am in no way affiliated with any of these products/brands. These are items I use daily, and are brands that I believe in, and I know are working hard to make our world a little more eco-friendly, and safe for consumers! Happy Holidays! Check back soon for a delicious gluten free lemon and blueberry cookie recipe I have heading your way!

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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Hostess/Host

Since this weekend kicks off the start of what will most likely be a few weekends full of holiday and Christmas parties, I thought that we might as well kick of the December 2016 Holiday Gift Guide series with a gift guide for the hostess. 

I for one am NEVER someone who goes to a party, or even over to a friends house for the night without bringing something. Maybe it's the inner eternal hostess in me, or maybe it is just my Mom's voice in my head reminding me to never walk into someones house empty handed. Today if I do happen to ever forget to bring something when I am going to a party I feel so so guilty! The hostess of a party, especially a holiday party, works hard to make sure the decorations look nice, the food is tasty, and drinks are pouring, it's the least I can do to bring a little something to say thank you. 

This year there are so many wonderful hostess gifts out there for such a wide variety of budgets, but before we get into all these pretty goods I gotta be real with you and say that when in doubt a good ~$15 range bottle of wine is never a bad idea :)

All my choices for the hostesses in your life as numbers and pictured below, just click on the link at the bottom of the post to be brought to where to buy. 

holiday gift guide for the hostess/host

  1. A Proper Drink Signed Copy - For the hostess who also loves a good cocktail. The author talks about the evolution of the cocktail and why fancy cocktails are so popular today - $27
  2. Metallic Pineapple Tumbler - Pineapples are a traditional hostess gift that is a symbol of welcome, friendship, and hospitality - $35
  3. Jacobsen Salt Co. Salt Vial Gift Set - For the hostess who loves to cook, this would be an adorable gift that is more unique than the always appropriate bottle of wine - $30
  4. Mingle Decanter - This decanter is SOOO pretty, and would make for a lovely hostess gift for a friend who likes to entertain - $49.95
  5. Elsa Glass Tea Light Candle Holders - These glass tea light holders are perfect for holiday entertaining and would make a great gift for someone who recently bought a home, or loves minimalistic home design - $7.95-$12.95
  6. Candlefish Ceramic Candle - If you haven't come across these candlefish ceramic candles yet then please check them out next time you are in an anthropologie. They smell amazing, and look beautiful making them a great hostess gift - $28
  7. Corkcicle Air - This is a great gift for the host OR hostess, and is sure to be something that they will use for many parties, and bottles of wine to come - $24.95
  8. Agate Cheese Board - This agate cheese board is absolutely beautiful, and while it may be a little on the pricy side for a hostess gift, if split with another person this would be a really special gift for a hard working hostess to receive - $78
  9. Glass Nordic Mug - If you have a host/hostess who loves tea this pretty glass loose leaf tea steeper mug is sure to be loved. Pair it with some holiday inspired loose leaf tea and you have a perfect host/hostess gift.
  10. Marble and Copper Cheese Knife Set - This knife set is beautiful and would make a great gift for the hostess that loves a pretty appetizer display.
  11. Celestial Agate Slice Coaster Set - Coasters may not come to mind when you think of a host/hostess gift, but think of all those guest putting drinks on your host's pretty wooden tables?! These coasters are super elegant and make for a really thoughtful gift he/she is sure to love - $40
  12. Elizabeth Monogram Mugs - I actually purchased these mugs for all of my bridesmaids to drink out of the morning of our wedding, and they were a big hit! They have almost an old fashioned look to them that can definitely translate into the holiday season and would make a nice gift for any host/hostess.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! Check back here soon for a delicious gluten free holiday linzer cookie recipe!

Note: I haven't partnered with any of these brands, I just truly love all these gifts and think they would make any lucky hostess very happy.

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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Ladies

If anyone really loves the holiday season it's us ladies. Party planning, lots of good food, creativity, and of course gifts makes for such a fun and festive month. And while every special lady in your life is different, I am sure that some of the items I have picked below will please almost every girl you know in one way or another.

Since I am going to be doing another gift guide that focuses more on the homebody or natural beauty lover in your life, these items have been curated to meet that needs of your best friend, sister, mom, wife, girlfriend, etc. without having a specific theme to them all other than all the gifts are beautiful, and for the most part pretty affordable. 

ladies gift guide.png

holiday gift guide for the ladies

  1. White Marble 9oz S'well Bottle - I am obsessed with these bottles and gave one of these mini sizes to all of my bridesmaids on the day of our wedding. It is the perfect size to throw in your purse, or fill with iced/hot coffee, not to mention this marble print is amazing - $24
  2. Pave Earring Set - This set of three pairs of stud pave earrings is beautiful and really affordable for the quality. It also is neutral enough to fit into almost any style - $48
  3. J.Crew Excursion Quilted Down Vest - This vest comes in a ton of colors and is currently discounted. Perfect for some who likes to get outdoors in the winter in style - $98
  4. One In A Million Initial Pendant Necklace - On my wedding day my bestie gave me this necklace just because and I honestly cherish it. It is so so simple, but absolutely beautiful and would make any minimalist jewelry lover very happy - $58
  5. Kate Spade Rainer Lane Stacy - This walnut can double as a clutch or walnut, and its bright cobalt blue color makes a perfect holiday gift for someone who isn't afraid of a little color - $98 (15% off sale)
  6. In The Company Of Women - Never underestimate the power of a good book, and this one is sure not to disappoint. The book was written to celebrate the creative entrepreneurial spirit of women from across the globe and is incredible inspiring - $35
  7. Vintage Short Sleeve Pajama Set - These pajamas are absolutely adorable, and I don't know about you but in my house it is tradition for us to open a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve to wear that night and Christmas Morning. I love the ribbing on these and know that they would make for a great gift - $85 (currently 30% off)
  8. The Horse Polished Rose Gold and Blush Leather Watch - I have been following this Australian watch company for years now and obsessed with everything they design. While this watch is my most expensive recommendation, if you know of a girl looking for a sleek watch, and can spend the money this piece of jewelry will not disappoint - $149
  9. Limited Edition Voluspa Cut Glass Jar Candle - These candles smell absolutely devine and are beautiful to look at. Perfect for a secret santa grab gift, or someone who is in need of a little calm and serenity around the holidays - $26
  10. Madewell Scottsdale Plaid Scarf - In my opinion every girl needs a good red plaid blanket scarf once the holidays hit. I have been having my eye out for this beauty for a while, and love that it is 100% wool and currently on sale! - $44.50
  11. The Curated Closet - This book is perfect for your friend who is both fashionable, organized, and practical. Its goal is to help a person discover their own personal style, while objectively taking practicality into account - $25
  12. Agate Bottle Opener - This is the perfect little gift for someone who loves their bar cart and the pretty things that go in it, also the price is great for a little something thoughtful, without being very expensive - $16

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! Check back here tomorrow for a delicious and festive spirulina smoothie bowl recipe and my holiday gift guide for the hostess. 

Note: I haven't partnered with any of these brands, I just truly love all these gifts and think they would make any lucky lady very happy.

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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Foodie & Cook

I love a good holiday gift guide don't you? Partially because I just like to see what favorite products people are loving, and also because I'm a little nosey and just want to see what is on everyone's must have holiday wish list. 

Over the next two weeks as people are doing a lot of their Christmas shopping I am going to share with you some of my favorite products for almost any loved one in your life. Today we are going to start out with the one I am most excited with, which is obviously my holiday gift guide for the foodie/cook in your life. These items below are some of my favorites, and some that are on my own Christmas wish list. Almost everything is < $50 so they make for affordable yet really quality, and thoughtful gifts that I can guarantee anyone who is into food/cooking is going to enjoy.

Links to all of the recommended products are listed below with a description of why I think it made my 2016 holiday foodie gift guide. 

foodie holiday gift guide.jpg

holiday gift guide for the foodie & Cook

  1. Green Kitchen Travels Cookbook - This husband/wife duo traveled the world and wrote one of the most beautiful cookbooks inspired by their travels. A must for any vegetarian foodie looking for inspiration - $24
  2. Anthropologie San Telmo Measuring Cups - I couldn't be more obsessed with these pretty measuring cups. They stack within each other, and would be overall just beautiful to look at while baking away for the holidays - $38
  3. Le Creuset Mini Cocottes (Set of Two) - Everyone loves a little Le Creuset and these petite cocottes are absolutely adorable and perfect for individual size desserts - $49.95
  4. Bodum 8 Cup Copper French Press - This is the same French Press that we have in our home and we absolutely love it. French Press coffee is such a nice way to serve coffee to guests, and this one just so happens to be beautiful as well! - $31.88
  5. Cuisinart 8 Cup Elemental Food Processor - Every foodie/cook, aspiring recipe creator in my opinion has to have a quality food processor. This one appliance can transform the possibilities of cooking, and will quickly become a favorite appliance - $80
  6. 18 Jar Acacia Wood Spice Rack - I am kind of geeking out over this because one of my favorite hobbies is probably collecting and organizing my spices. Yes I know, I am officially a foodie geek, but whatever. This spice rack is perfect for someone who loves organization, and wants to get a jumpstart on a beautiful spice collection.
  7. Marble and Copper Monogram Boards - This is so so beautiful, I want one for myself. The sleek design would be great for serving or prepping food, and makes for a great wedding gift as well with the copper monogram! - $39.95
  8. Juliette Rose Apron - Just because us foodies/cooks may spend a lot of time slaving away in the kitchen creating delicious recipes, doesn't mean that we can't look good while doing it. This apron is beautifulllll and is sure to make your loved one smile - $32
  9. Emilie Henry 5 Piece Ruffled Bakeware Set - Now this gift set comes with a hefty price tag but is absolutely beautiful and would be perfect for a close loved one who loves to bake. Each item in the set can also be purchased individually for less than $40, which would also make for a great gift - $295
  10. Copper Bar Tools - If your foodie also likes to get creative in the cocktail department, then these beautiful copper bar tools would make for a great gifts so he/she can get mixing in style - Prices Range From $6-$25
  11. Anthropologie Gold Polka Dotted Pot Holder - It doesn't get much cuter than this gold dotted pot holder, and if the cook/foodie in your life is anything like me, my pot holders need constant replacing, and new pretty ones are always appreciated - $14 (per item) 
  12. Paderno 4 Blade Spiralizer and Cookbook Set - If your foodie doesn't have a spiralizer yet then this gift is a must! Especially if he/she is looking to do some more creative/healthy cooking, a spiralizer will soon become one of his/her most favorite kitchen tools - $49.95-$59.95

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! Check back here tomorrow for a delicious shredded brussel sprouts recipe and my holiday gift guide for the ladies. 

Note: I haven't partnered with any of these brands, I just truly love all these gifts and think they would make any lucky foodie very happy.

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