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How To Store Your Veggies Without Plastic (And Keep Them Fresh)

When it comes to ditching plastic wrap and plastic tupperware for good one of the most common concerns that people have is that their food will go bad quicker without the use of plastic. I want to help change this misconception because the length of time you are able to store or keep your food really has nothing to do with plastic, and everything to do with how you are storing it and how you are planning your food purchases. 

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How To Prioritize Slow Living In A Fast Paced World + Fluffy Gluten Free Oat & Yogurt Belgian Waffles

Ask just about anyone you know these days and they most likely will agree that life is moving FAST. Work hours have gotten longer, time spent out in nature has decreased while time spent in front of screens has increased and guess what – people as a whole are feeling pretty stressed out.

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How To Support Our Beautiful Planet During Earth Month And Everyday

April is known as Earth Month, but it’s more common that people celebrate Earth Day on April 22. On Earth Day some people will turn off their lights more frequently or they’ll make the extra effort to recycle instead of throwing everything in the trash. While it’s wonderful to bring everyone together for a good purpose, it’s important to reflect on the fact that green efforts should be made in a sustainable way that can be practiced all year round.

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5 Steps To Embracing Your Personal Impact This Earth Month

April is Earth Month, which you could probably guess is my favorite month of the is also my birth month, so we just have lots of good vibrations going on over here this month.

But, this Earth Month I wanted to talk to you all about ways in which you can embrace your own personal impact and in doing so, positively support the world around you. I truly do believe that normal, everyday people have so much power to change the world, and I want to be a part of empowering whoever you are who is reading this to discover your own personal impact.

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Incredible Companies That Make Sustainable Living So Much Easier!

When I first set out on my own journey to live a more sustainable life and become a more conscious consumer I'm not going to lie, I was totally and completely overwhelmed. 

You see I had no idea just how much plastic I used, how unethical my clothing was, how much deeper labels like "organic" or "fair trade" go beyond our own personal health, and most of all I had no awareness in regards to how much of the money I was spending on a day to day basis was actually going towards positively impacting the world I live in. 

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Three Questions To Ask Every Time You Make A Purchase

When it comes to sustainable living, I can totally understand how overwhelming it may feel at first. With so many different industries and areas to think about one of the most common questions I get asked from people is "where do I even start?". So I am breaking it down for you, and giving you the three questions I ask myself everytime I make a purchase to get you started down the path to a more sustainable, ethical way of living.

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