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The Well Essentials
Creating A More Sustainable, Compassionate World Together

The Well Library is your healthy living toolkit that you can access whenever and wherever you want to support you (or others) in your personal health + sustainable living journey

To get the most out of The Well Library make sure to work through the material slowly, and with intention. Each section contains multiple resources that build off of one another, and should be referred back to over and over for long-term guidance and learning.

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live less out of habit and more out of intent

Setting powerful intentions and goals can be the positive guidance, affirmation, and gentle reminder you need to create sustainable change, and live a life that is filled with much more love, positivity, and compassion - both for yourself, and for others.

By using these intention and goal setting resources you will quickly be on your way to clearly visualizing the life you want, and the steps needed to get there. Each resource is meant to be used as an educational and action driven tool that you can refer to in any order. 

Use the below resources to supplement your intentions and mindfulness practice. Use them for inspiration and a means of bringing your own intentions and goals to life.


integrative nutrition

Integrative Nutrition is all about taking a whole body, holistic approach to creating a sustainable healthy life. That is because everything about the health of our body, and mind is interconnected. That is why I created these tools and resources as a reference for you to use to guide you as you make your way down your own personal whole-body health journey. 

Each tool should be use as an educational and action driven resource that you can access in any order, and refer back to frequently.


simple balanced meal planning + delicious cooking tips for healthier homemade meals

Here at The Well Essentials we believe that cooking is a giant part of reconnecting with our food, where our food comes from, and creating sustainable, healthy changes in our diets for years to come. While some people are naturally going to like cooking more than others, it is our mission to help everyone become more comfortable in the kitchen, and capable of cooking delicious, health conscious meals for the whole family to enjoy!


the well library exclusive recipes

These recipes are simple, delicious, seasonally inspired, and made just for you. Use them to get excited about reconnecting with your food, where it comes from, and how it can help support a sustainably healthy body. All recipes are gluten free, and mostly dairy free.


stress management & self care for a healthy, happy body and mind

Health and happiness are so connected with one another, which is why it is so important to make sure that stress reduction and self-care is a part of your daily health journey. Whether that means developing a relaxing night-time routine, or practicing some mindful movement, anything that you can do that will bring you joy, reduce stress, and improve your personal self-love and confidence is an incredible health practice worth prioritizing.


getting started with sustainable living

This beautiful world we live in is the greatest gift we were ever given. Luckily what is best for our bodies, tends to run in line with what is best for the environment as well. By choosing natural, non-toxic products, and supporting companies that are practicing fair trade, and organic solutions to growing and producing their products, we are choosing to support a healthier earth, and environment.


the well clinic for whole body wellness

The Well Clinic is your go-to resource for integrative nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement/herbal recommendations for the most common health concerns facing our population today. Each resource provides an overview of the health issue, common causes, nutrition, lifestyle, and general supplement interventions.

The purpose of The Well Clinic is to provide holistic guidance on your most common health concerns, it should never be taken as personalized medical advice. Always contact your doctor before adding supplements, changing your medication, or if you need mental health support


bringing creative wellness and healthy living into your own hands

DIY wellness resources to help bring wellness and sustainable living into your own hands, and help you have some fun in the process. There is something so empowering about learning how to make items for your home and body that you otherwise would have bought. Once you realize how simple and effective these DIY Wellness resources are I promise you wont go back to the store bought option.