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Are you overwhelmed by all the health information in the media? Do you really just want one place filled with healthy guides, tools, and recommendations that you know you can trust and can work through on your own time?

that is exactly why the well library was created


you've spent hours consulting dr. google only to leave more confused


you're motivated to make lifestyle changes but not sure where to start


you've stood in the supplement aisle for hours and wished a dietitian could tell you what brands to trust

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you've wanted the guidance of a qualified dietitian but the price was out of reach


you've done a diet or ten and are totally exhausted by diet culture and ready for a sustainable approach to healthy living

you want to embrace sustainable living but have no idea where to begin


you had a nutrition & health toolkit you could trust and access whenever you wanted, anywhere you wanted


you had the guidance of a registered dietitian without having to commit to one:one coaching


you could begin creating a sustainable healthy life on your own time and at your own pace


you had guidance on approved brands, supplements, and resources to support your health journey


The Well Library is broken down into 10 sections each containing a set of educational materials and actionable worksheets to help encourage you to implement the information you learn into your daily life


But wait! We have even more goodies just for you!

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Exclusive Recipes & Seasonal Meal Plans


General Dietitian Approved Supplement Recommendations

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In-depth E-Guides For Deeper Dive Learning


Exclusive Discounts To Some Of Our Favorite Brands

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what's included in the well library

Think of The Well Library As Your Very Own Healthy Living Toolkit That You Can Access Whenever and Wherever You Want

  • Immediate Life-Time Online Access To The Well Library Online Membership Only Portal (The Well Library is 100% Online)
  • 100+ Dietitian Approved and Custom Created Educational Materials To Support Your Health Journey (downloadable PDFs)
  • Interactive Self-Study Worksheets That Accompany Each Educational Tool To Help You Implement What You Are Learning Into Your Life (downloadable PDFs)
  • In-depth E-Guides and Seasonal Meal Plans To Help Guide Your Sustainable Living Health Journey (downloadable PDFs)
  • Curated List of Books, Podcasts, Documentaries, and Apps To Further Support Your Sustainable Health Journey
  • General Recommended Supplements from Dietitian Approved Trusted Brands (not to be used in place of personalized medical advice)
  • Recommended Sustainable Living Products For Your Home, Skincare, Clothes, Food and Lifestyle You Can Trust
  • Exclusive Recipes To Help You Get Excited About Cooking!
  • Exclusive Discounts To Brands We Love Just For You
  • Access To All Future Content The Well Library is constantly evolving and your lifetime access gives you automatic access to all new information added each season to The Well Libary


the well library is 100% online and available through an easy to access online membership portal


what The Well library members are saying


who is the well library meant for?

  • Someone who is interested and motivated to make sustainable life-long changes to improve his/her health

  • Anyone who is confused or overwhelmed with all of the misinformation available online and would just like the guidance of a qualified health expert they can trust
  • Someone who loves learning about health and nutrition, and is looking for qualified resources they can access on their own time at their own pace
  • An Individual who is currently learning to become a health coach or dietitian and is looking for ideas and resources they could refer to when treating their clients
  • Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Confused standing in the supplement aisle or wanted the guidance of a dietitian without the time commitment
  • A Mom who wants to know what supplement brands to trust, and ways to improve creating healthy meals for her family
  • Anyone who has wanted to embrace sustainable living and would love some guidance on where to begin
  • The Well Library is geared towards women, but most of the content also is relevant for men, and could be worked through with your spouse, Dad, brother, etc.


  • The Well Library Is Not Meant To Replace Your Doctor, or Personal Dietitian
  • The Well Library Is Not Meant To Take The Place Of Personalized Nutrition/Health Counseling
  • The Well Library Does Not Include Personalized Supplement Recommendations
  • The Well Library Is Not An Online Program It Is A Self-Study Resource Library
  • The Well Library Does Not Include Personalized One-on-One Support From Megan (MS, MPH, RDN)


megan faletra

ms, mph, rdn 

Megan is the Registered Dietitian, Sustainability Expert, and Founder of The Well Essentials where she inspires others to live a sustainable healthy life that supports the health of both people and planet.

Megan takes a whole body, positive approach to addressing nutrition and healthy living, and provides her clients and audience with integrative, practical solutions to sustainable healthy living. 

Megan created The Well Library after she realized that so many of her clients and audience of readers from around the world were coming to her confused, and overwhelmed by all the information in the media. So much so that they quite literally didn't know who to trust, or how to best feed their bodies and support their personal health.

So Megan decided to dive in and create The Well Library a comprehensive wellness library, filled with dietitian approved educational resources, interactive worksheets, exclusive recipes, seasonal meal plans, recommended brands + supplements, and a general place for anyone to come and access qualified health and nutrition information capable of supporting a sustainable healthy life.


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