The Well Essentials

the well list

sustainable & ethical brand directory to support a conscious home,

body, and lifestyle you can feel good about


We believe in the power consumers have to positively change the world around them, and we want to help make it simpler for individuals to make sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly purchases that support a healthy body and planet

the three questions we ask of all the brands we choose to support


Where was this item made or grown? How far did it have to travel to get to me? What global system is at play?


Who made this item? Were the working conditions safe? Were they paid fairly? Who am I supporting with my money?


What kind of materials were used? Were the materials upcycled or organic? What impact do I have with my purchase?


the well list criteria


In order for a brand or organization to be approved they must meet a majority (5+) of the criteria listed below.

This ensures that the brands we approve and recommend are some of the best businesses out there creating products with incredibly high social, environmental, and quality standards.


Materials used were sourced from recycled or up-cycled materials

Ethically Produced

Labors had access to safe working conditions, health access, and fair wages

Social Impact Mission

The company is founded with a strong social impact at it's foundation

Fair Trade or Direct Trade

Farmers and laborers were paid fairly and have direct relationships with purchasers

Locally Sourced

Materials used for the product were sourced within the local environment

Organically Grown

Organic and regenerative farming practices were used for growing and harvesting

Humane Animal Treatment

No animal testing is permitted, and any animal products used were obtained humanely


Carbon neutral, and environmentally friendly practices are prioritized