specialty diet travel resources 

  • Happy Cow: I have used this online website/mobile application all around the world and have found it to be incredibly helpful when seeking out vegetarian/vegan/gluten free friendly options while traveling.
  • Vegan Passport: This website/app is great for finding vegan friendly options while traveling and provides useful translations in 96 languages to describe your food limitations.
  • Vegan Travel: This website has many vegetarian/vegan friendly travel guides from many countries around the world that can help make traveling more manageable without compromising your animal/environmentally friendly beliefs.
  • Gluten Free Passport: Provides travel cards for people with celiac disease, and gluten sensitivity to help them travel and feel comfortable with the foods they are eating. I would still express caution however when using these cards. In many cultures the simple concept of food allergies is not very well understood and in SE Asia for instance, food service workers feel very uncomfortable saying "no" to you and may say "yes" that you can eat something because they are just trying to be polite.