the well essentials

The Well Essentials philosophy is focused on inspiring sustainable healthy living that allows us to re-connect with our food, culture, and the greater world around us. It encourages others to cultivate a life that is filled with happiness, and routed in intention. It supports an individuals ability to create an authentic life through good food, sustainable choices, and most importantly lots and lots of love. 

"What if rethinking and connecting with our food culture was the key to living an authentically healthy life. What if this practice could keep us from chasing health, and instead help us live it. What if the way we choose to consume could change the way we view the world, and most importantly our ability to impact it."

The Well Essentials is routed in essential elements that are the foundational pieces of our health, food, culture, and environment. When balanced, they allow for each person to live their healthiest most authentic life by tuning into their own intuition and experiences, and relying less on fleeting health trends.

what is food culture?

Food culture is a deep routed connection to our food in the purest sense. It incorporates our heritage, environment, and personal beliefs, and allows us to live in harmony with our food in a way that supports a wonderfully happy and healthy life. 


what is sustainability?

Sustainability is the process of change which meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations.


what is regeneration & why is it necessary

Regeneration is the process of renewal, and restoration that allows for life to flourish, and ecosystems to become more resilient to natural fluctuations that cause disturbance or damage. Regenerative concepts are necessary for us to live a sustainably healthy life and move us away from ‘doing less bad’ towards ‘doing good’ for people and planet.