The Well Essentials Healthy Meal Planning Guide

The Well Essentials Healthy Meal Planning Guide


Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to deciding what meals to make for yourself or your family? Are you confused by all the conflicting nutrition information floating around the internet telling you to follow this or that diet? Do you want to find enjoyment in food again, and learn to love cooking and nourishing your body in a way the allows you to connect with your food, not fight it?

Trust me when I say that learning how to prepare meals that support a healthy lifestyle does not need to be complicated. In fact feeding our bodies the beautifully nutritious foods that it wants and deserves should be anything but complicated.

That is why I created this incredibly robust balanced guide to healthy meal planning. In this 30+ digital guide you will learn how to change the way you think about preparing balanced meals, and will have access to the tools I use with my very own private practice clients, in helping you reach your personal health goals. 

In the guide you will find education around macronutrient pairing, step-by-step guidelines to meal shopping and prepping, lists for healthy food shopping, protein rich snacks, balanced breakfast ideas, an entire weekly meal plan designed by your's truly, and so much more.

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Note: The guide is not geared to one specific diet, but can be tweaked to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences. Most of the information in the guide is geared to be gluten free/dairy free with some exceptions.