Seasonal Winter Meal Plan

Seasonal Winter Meal Plan


A Seasonal Winter Meal Plan designed to help you embrace the cold, winter months, and learn how to celebrate seasonal eating during the “toughest” time of year.

  • 35 PAGE guide focused on improving helping you learn how to embrace seasonal eating and living during the cold winter months.

  • ONE WEEK SAMPLE MEAL PLAN designed to help you prioritize meal planning and create simple, seasonally healthy meals that connect you with the seasons and your local environment.

  • LIFESTYLE PLANNER TEMPLATE for you to use to create your own meal plan and record your daily habits.

  • ONE WEEK MEAL PLAN SHOPPING LIST for you to reference along with your one week seasonal meal plan

  • 17 EXCLUSIVE RECIPES for you use as inspiration for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks during the winter months.

  • STEP BY STEP GUIDELINES to creating a healthy pantry and making meal prep simple and easy.

NOTE: The Seasonal Winter Meal Plan can be modified to fit most dietary restrictions. All recipes are naturally gluten free, however some recipes do contain animal and dairy products, which can be modified if needed to meet your specific dietary lifestyle.

** This Seasonal Winter Meal Plan is available as part of The Well Library

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