The Well Essentials
The Well Essentials
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 home and garden

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our homes should tell a story — from the things we own, to the traditions we pass down

Our homes are where we spend time with the ones we love, raise our babies, make our grandmothers recipes, grow flowers and food from our gardens, and make memories that will last a lifetime.


get your hands dirty and grow something 

Whether you live on a farm or have a few window boxes in your apartment in the city you can grow something — and we are here to show you how and help you get started.


how to create space in a cluttered world

We are addicted to consuming in excess and our planet, homes, bodies, and minds cant keep up. We are craving space, and adopting some of the principles of a minimalist mindset can help us get there — and you don’t need to throw away all our belongings and moving into a tiny home, unless that’s your thing of course.