global nutrition and sustainability consulting

As a prior communications marketer turned global health professional, I am passionate about addressing social justice in the food system. I work primarily with corporations, brands, and NGOs who are looking to create a positive social impact, through powerful global health social causes, food security initiatives, and health conscious travel practices.


sustainability program consulting + education

Are you a food company that is tired of the fleeting trends associated with healthy food marketing, and interested in appealing to your consumers desire to connect with food on a deeper level, that evokes more meaning, and is also better for the environment? At The Well Essentials we work with companies who are looking to re-focus their messaging back to the route meaning behind the products they create, by leveraging the impact cultural awareness makes on a consumers health and environment

  • Sustainable Living Consulting
  • Sustainability In Our Food System Speaking + Events
  • Farm-to-Table Messaging
  • Diets to Support a Healthy Environment
  • Sustainability Program Evaluation
  • Sustainability Content Creation

global public health + social cause consulting

At The Well Essentials we are passionate about health on a global scale. With extensive experience consulting on global public health and social impact programs in developing nations, I am pleased to collaborate with organizations looking for an experienced nutrition and global health professional to partner, and/or consult on global health programs and interventions.

  • Global Health Program Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Social Impact Program Planning
  • Global Food System Consulting
  • Program Mission Development 
  • "In-Country" Program Evaluation
  • Previous Work Includes: Maternal/Child Health Programs, Food Security Centered Initiatives, Sustainability Analysis, Female Empowerment Programs, and WASH

healthy eco-travel + wellness consulting

As a global traveler, dietitian, and public health professional, I am committed to helping others experience global travel in a healthy way. This is why we offer consulting and sponsored services to help members of the travel industry, and eco-tourism community provide excellent wellness solutions to their patrons. Through my perspective as a an experienced traveler, qualified healthcare professional, I bring a health conscious perspective to the travel brands I serve.  .

  • Freelance Travel Writing
  • Healthy/Eco-Travel focused Media and Press Trips
  • Sponsored Wellness Retreats and Program Development
  • Healthy Eating and Yoga Wellness Event Lecturer
  • Hotel Healthy Menu Creation/ Analysis and Wellness Consulting