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The Well Essentials
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The Well Library - A membership site that is making sustainable healthy living simple and accessible for all

the well library

A SELF-STUDY WELLNESS LIBRARY filled with 100+ dietitian approved resources that were CREATED JUST FOR WOMEN

Are you overwhelmed with all the health information in the media? Do you want one place where you can access health resources, meal plans, recipes, and discounts to some of the best supplement and sustainable brands?

The Well Library is filled with over 100+ unique dietitian created and approved health, nutrition, and sustainability resources to help you live a sustainably healthy life on your own time and at your own pace.

If you have been searching for a self-study healthy living resources that you can use to support your own health (and the health of your family) for a lifetime then the Well Library is just for you!


The Well Program - A Six Week Program Designed To Create A Sustainable Healthy Life

the Well program

a six-week online course created to help jump start your sustainable health journey

The Well Program Will:

  • Improve your awareness and understanding of your current habits and behaviors that are not serving you, your family, and the planet.

  • Help you gain control over stress and feel empowered in your daily choices and body.

  • Simplify meal planning and seasonal eating because eating well shouldn’t feel so complicated.

  • Help you detox your home and body of harmful chemicals and eliminate mental and physical clutter.

  • Educate you on holistic healing practices you can incorporate into your daily life that address many of the most common health concerns.

  • Save you money with actionable tips and brand discounts that make sustainable living affordable and accessible.

  • Allow you to make a positive impact on the world around you.


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