nutrition counseling and program services

As a clinical nutritionist, and trained public health professional, I am here to support you, and to offer you the tools, guidance, and knowledge of nutrition to help you create a healthier, more balanced life. I believe that most people have no idea just how incredible their bodies are meant to feel, and I am passionate about helping you get there! I work with patients through virtual and in-person sessions to help them find balance, and achieve their healthiest state through whole foods and integrative nutrition practices.

nutrition counseling


one-on-one private nutrition counseling

Private sessions are perfect for the individual who is ready for personalized counseling, but may not yet know exactly how many sessions he/she may need, or may be willing commit to at this time. 

Q&A Virtual nutrition session

Q&A sessions are the perfect way to have your nutrition questions answered without nutrition counseling. Simply send your questions 48 hours ahead of time, and we setup a time to answer them all virtually.


group nutrition and healthy living sessions

These sessions are perfect for a group of friends, or family who are interested in learning more about a particular area of nutrition, sustainability, healthy living but aren't looking for a private session. 


food intake analysis

Unsure if the way you are currently eating is supporting your health goals? Provide a 4-7 day food log and allow me to analyze your intake/health goals and provide you with feedback & simple nutrition changes. 


virtual/online nurition counseling

Looking for someone to ask nutrition questions, and provide feedback as needed but aren't looking for any formal nutrition counseling at this time? This is where our virtual counseling comes in!

Navigating Food Allergies

Food allergies can be overwhelming, but I am here to help. Allow me to come into your home, or take a trip to the grocery store where we will devise a plan for preparing food that is allergy friendly. 

nutrition programs

the well nourished one month nutrition program

This program is perfect for someone who is interested in a lifestyle change, would like food to be a part of his/her life and culture, and not something to fight or control. This program throws out the never ending cycle of diets, and focuses on changing your perception and relationship with food to support your most authentically healthy life.

the well nourished three month nutrition program

This package is perfect for the person who knows that he/she is ready and committed to creating a healthier lifestyle, but knows that he/she will need consistent support along the way. This package is designed for someone who is exhausted by dieting, and ready to rediscover what it means to feel connected and balanced with food again.

seasonal monthly meal planning

Stuck in a meal planning rut? This is where our seasonal meal planning service can come to the rescue to make your life easier, and more nutritious. What's even better is that we structure our meal plans around sustainable ingredients that are local and in season, so you can be confident that your meal plan is good for your body, and the environment

Location of Services

  • I provide a mobile nutrition service and will meet patients for sessions at their homes, offices, or virtually through our HIPPA compliant online video platform. This removes many barriers for clients to receive nutrition counseling.

Virtual Counseling: 

  • The Well Essentials uses a virtual platform designed for nutrition counseling called Healthie, which allows clients to receive nutrition counseling from the convenience of their own homes/work-place/or on the go.
  • Based on the nutrition package we determine is right for you, you will be able to use this online service to best meet your needs.
  • At a minimum you can simply submit your intake paperwork without hassle, or use the platform to its full advantage to track your food, communicate daily with your dietitian through online messaging, or engage in video conferencing. 

Payment/Insurance Information:

  • At The Well Essentials we are considered an out-of-network provider for insurance, and are fee-for-service. However some insurance providers may still provide nutrition coverage.
  • Please call your insurance company and ask:
    • Do I have out-of-network nutrition counseling benefits?
    • Do I have any restrictions based on diagnosis?
    • Do I have any number of visits limitations.
  • Knowing this information will help you have the smallest out-of-pocket expense possible for nutrition services. Credit and debit cards are accepted when booking online. If you would prefer to pay in person, we accept cash/check due at the time of service. 

Booking Information: 

  • When you book your appointment, you will receive an order confirmation, and will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule a time for your appointment.  
  • You will also be asked to fill out a new client packet, which will ask you a variety of intake questions that will help me better understand what your health goals are, and how I can best serve you. All information provided is confidential.
  • You will be asked to sign our privacy policy agreements, and terms of service.