let's get started working on your healthiest, happiest life

As a clinical nutritionist, and trained public health professional, I am here to support you, and to offer you the tools, guidance, and knowledge of nutrition to help you create a healthier, more balanced life. I believe that most people have no idea just how incredible their bodies are meant to feel, and I am passionate about helping you get there! I work with clients to help them find balance, and achieve their healthiest state through whole foods and integrative nutrition practices.

nutrition + health coaching



Ready to start living a healthier life? Lets get started! If you are over diets, and are looking for some guidance around your nutrition and health habits then this is the place to start. In this initial consult we will address your current goals, any nutrition/ health concerns, and explore how we can begin working with one another to create a truly sustainable, healthy life. 

All of my Well Beginnings clients receive 10% off all Well Essential Guides 



The Well Body coaching plan is perfect for someone who is over diets, and ready to create some truly healthy habits. Through this program we will work together to help you create a healthier relationship with food, and focus on lifestyle changes that will support your healthy life.

All of my Well Body program clients receive access to my online client portal, 25% off all Well Essential Guides and email support from me along the way.



Truly committing to living a healthier life, and changing your lifestyle, and behaviors require time and support. This is where I come in. I am just as committed to helping you live a healthy life, and feel amazing as you are.

All my Well Living clients receive access to my online client portal, 50% discounts on all Well Essential Guides and other exclusive offers only available to this special group of individuals. 


Women's Health Hormonal BalanceFertility/Infertility, Pre-Post Natal Nutrition, PCOS, Unexplained Weight Gain, Acne, Anxiety, Unexplained Fatigue, Insomnia, Thyroid Imbalance, Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Digestive Health/Healing: Food Allergies and Sensitivities, Celiac Disease, Pediatric Allergies, IBS, GERD, Migraines

Auto-Immune and Anti-Inflammatory Diets: Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Rosacea, Cirrhosis, Celiac Disease

Sustainable Diets/Eco-Friendly Living: For individuals looking to transform their diet into one that is better for their bodies and the environment

Disordered Eating: Specific for women and men who are unable to rid the cycle of dieting and have poor body image

  • Note: We recommend women/men with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder to seek a certified eating disorder dietitian and we are happy to provide recommendations to excellent colleagues in Boston and Nationwide.

Location of Services

  • I provide a virtually coaching service through a HIPPA compliant online video platform. This removes many barriers for clients to receive nutrition counseling.

  • For clients located in the Greater Boston Area, I will also meet clients in person for a coffee chat, or grocery store tour. Please inquire with megan at: megan@thewellessentials.com for rates for in-person nutrition services. 

Virtual Coaching: 

  • The Well Essentials is a virtual nutrition coaching practice that allows all clients to work with Megan no matter where they live. 
  • Client information is kept private through a HIPPA compliant platform and is easily accessible and user-friendly for patients.

Payment/Insurance Information:

  • At The Well Essentials we are considered an out-of-network provider for insurance, and are fee-for-service. However some insurance providers may still provide nutrition coverage.
  • Please call your insurance company and ask:
    • Do I have out-of-network nutrition counseling benefits?
    • Do I have any restrictions based on diagnosis?
    • Do I have any number of visits limitations.
  • Knowing this information will help you have the smallest out-of-pocket expense possible for nutrition services. Credit and debit cards are accepted when booking online. If you would prefer to pay in person, we accept cash/check due at the time of service. 

Booking Information: 

  • When you book your appointment, you will receive an order confirmation, and will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule a time for your appointment.  
  • You will also be asked to fill out a new client packet, which will ask you a variety of intake questions that will help me better understand what your health goals are, and how I can best serve you. All information provided is confidential.
  • You will be asked to sign our privacy policy agreements, and terms of service.