nutrition communications services

At The Well Essentials we work closely with many health conscious food companies, lifestyle brands, and press/media outlets in helping to translate complicated health, nutrition, and sustainability focused information in a way that is easily transferable to the general public.

    content creation

    Perfect for the company who is looking for a qualified registered dietitian to work with your sales and marketing teams in developing accurate nutrition content for your brand marketing

    • Social Media Content Creation
    • Nutrition Articles/Blog Posts
    • Sponsored Website Content
    • Nutrition Focused Marketing

    nutrition spokesperson

    Looking for a qualified nutrition and public health professional to speak on behalf of your company in spreading a health conscious message about your product/brand and its place in the global food & nutrition industry?

    • Tradeshow Spokesperson
    • Event Speaker
    • Marketing Campaign/Sales Support

    events & presentations

    Now more than ever companies and brands are realizing the health education is the key to healthy employees, consumers, and society at large. I work with companies both within and outside the health sector to bring qualified education workshops to larger audiences.

    • On-site Workplace Wellness Events
    • Sponsored Community Events