As a prior communications marketer turned global health professional, founder of The Well Essentials Megan Faletra (MS, MPH, RDN) is passionate about helping global food and health conscious brands create social impact, through powerful global health social causes, food security initiatives, and health conscious travel practices capable of making a significant impact on the global health environment. 



At The Well Essentials we are passionate about health on a global scale. With a background in Global Health and International Nutrition, founder of The Well Essentials Megan Faletra has extensive experience consulting on social impact programs in developing nations, and is pleased to collaborate with organizations looking for an experienced nutrition and global health professional to partner on specific social causes.

  • Nutrition Communications/Global Health Consulting
  • Refined Program Mission Development and Execution 
  • Sponsored Global Health "In-Country" Travel (included social media, and blog coverage/awareness)
  • Previous Work Includes: Maternal/Child Health Programs, Food Security Centered Initiatives, Sustainability Analysis, Female Empowerment Programs, and WASH

food culture and sustainability consulting

Are you a food company that is tired of the fleeting trends associated with healthy food marketing, and interested in appealing to your consumers desire to connect with food on a deeper level, that evokes more meaning, and is also better for the environment? At The Well Essentials we work with companies who are looking to re-focus their messaging back to the route meaning behind the products they create, by leveraging the impact cultural awareness makes on a consumers health and environment

  • Sustainable Living Consulting
  • Farm-to-Table Messaging
  • Food Culture and Global Health Messaging


As a global health traveler, dietitian, and yoga instructor, founder of The Well Essentials Megan Faletra is committed to helping others experience global travel in a healthy way. This is why we offer consulting and sponsored services to help members of the travel industry, and eco-tourism community provide excellent wellness solutions to their patrons, with the guidance of a qualified integrative dietitian, and healthcare professional.

  • Freelance Travel Writing
  • Media and Press Trips
  • Sponsored Wellness Retreats and Programs
  • Healthy Eating and Yoga Wellness Events
  • Healthy Menu Creation/Analysis and Wellness Consulting