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Chilean Wine Regions: A Guide To The Best Vineyards & Wineries

When exploring the wine regions in Chile you will travel through mountainous terrain, expansive dessert, and beautiful valleys that all separate the experience of wine tasting in Chile from many of the other popular wine regions of the world. While the terrain in the various wine regions in Chile are different, all the regions are similar in the sense that they all are full of sunshine and experience little rainfall.

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My Favorite Travel Essentials for Feel Good, Stress Free Travel

Since I have done my fair share of both domestic and international travel over the years, I have come to have a few favorite travel essentials that I typically will bring with me on every single trip. What I have learned while traveling is that organization is key to maintaining a stress free travel experience, anther time I will talk about how I specifically go about packing for travel, but for this post I want to focus on ways to keep travel feeling good and stress free.

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