8 Winter Essentials For Green Living

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Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the products listed below, these are simply items that I use personally and believe have a place in promoting wellness during the winter months.

Living in New England the winter's can be tough...but if I am being totally honest, I kind of love them. Now don't get me wrong I will forever live and breathe for beautiful summer days, but I also feel very fortunate to live in a part of the country where true seasons are a real thing.

Spring is short and rainy, but those early rainy days are kind of magical, and boy does spring rain smell good. The summers are absolutely stunning! I grew up in a beautiful beach town, and there is a reason why Cape Cod and the Islands of Massachusetts are some of my favorite places in the whole world. The fall is absolutely lovely, and the hiking in New England is beyond breath taking...and then there is the winter.

O those dreaded New England winter months when the days get short, the air is bitter cold, and at times the snow just seems to be endless. But guess what, I love the winter too. I decided a few years ago that I was over the "I'm miserable because it's winter" attitude, and really devoted myself to enjoying all the lovely aspects that come with this season...and guys this isn't arctic, like I think we can handle it! The cozy clothing, beautiful snow covered streets, amazing skiing, and of course the holidays make this time of year wonderful in so many ways. And hey I get affected by seasonal affective disorder from lack of good ol' vitamin D just as much as the next person...if not a little more, but that is what succulents, Himalayan sea salt lamps, and make your whole body feel warm and cozy hot yoga classes are for. 

However, even though my positive winter vibes are going strong, the winter months are undoubtably more difficult to manage when it comes to hydration, avoiding sickness, and general wellness. We have to work harder to feel better in the winter, which is why I thought it would be a good time to share with you some of my favorite simple essentials to living well in the winter. 

winter essentials for green living

  1. CLN and DRTY Skincare: The very first product that I tried from this all-natural skincare line was the all natural deodorant and I was blown away! All other natural deodorants had never really worked, but this one was different. It smells amazing, and really works! I then moved on to some of the shea butter lotions, miracle balm (for scars and rashes), and all-natural sunscreen. What really blew me away was how well my super sensitive skin seemed to respond to the 100% natural ingredients. When I started getting a really dry/itchy rash on my neck this winter when the cold weather hit, I started putting the miracle balm on at night, and literally after just one night the rash was significantly better. Over the years I have really fought against my sensitive/temperamental skin, but now I am focusing on simple, natural solutions that are healing.

  2. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate: It can be very difficult to stay hydrated during the winter months, mostly because our bodies aren't naturally craving water as much as they do in the summer. However, the winter season is such an important time to work on increasing your hydration if you hope to keep your skin feeling and looking hydrated, and if you are trying to ward off any lingering winter colds. I focus on drinking 3 liters of water every day (usually infused with mint/lemon) and you can bet that I always have my S'well Bottle on me at all time. I personally find that when I am drinking from a pretty bottle I tend to drink more. It also is a super easy way to keep track of how much I am drinking throughout the day.

  3. Lemon Water/Tea: I know, I know, you have all heard this one before but lemon water is a great way to promote re-hydration, helps support a healthy and functioning digestive system, and is loaded with vitamin C.

  4. Use Crystals For Promoting Positivity: I am someone who is very sensory oriented, and there is something about having crystals in my home and around for me to easily touch that helps me feel more grounded, and encourages positivity. Some of my favorite crystals are: quartz for clearing the mind, celestite for relieving stress, and turquoise for healing.

  5. Flora Daily Probiotics: I am one of those people who swears by probiotics. After struggling for years with gut health issues, I finally have gotten to a place where my digestion is working really really well, and I know that my daily probiotics and fermented foods have been a giant part of getting my digestion to the place it is today. But please note that not all probiotics are created equal, you want to find a products that is tested for quality, and has a wide variety of strains of bacteria for optimal gut healing benefits. This is the brand I currently use, and have been loving.

  6. RMS Beauty Products: Recently my skin started breaking out in rashes when I was using my usual makeup and so I decided to throw out all of the products that were giving me rashes, and switch to 100% clean, natural makeup. I honestly don't wear makeup often, but I have noticed that the RMS Beauty Products I have been using have been making my skin feel more hydrated and well-nourished, versus the dirty irritated feeling I would get from my old skincare brands.

  7. EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer: The winter months come with so many germs, and what feels like gallons of hand sanitizer, but there are other health conscious options if you do choose to use hand sanitizer on you and your children to avoid winter germs. I love this brand of hand sanitizer made with organic ethanol, and find the lovely lavender smell to be both calming, and does the job of killing harmful germs, without the skin drying effects of other sanitizers.

  8. Essential Oils: Over the past year I have become more and more of a believer in the incredible benefits of essential oils. Lemon and Lavender are two of my favorites for helping promote better nights sleep, reducing anxiety, and promoting a general state of well being.