Why Reconnecting With Your Food System May Be The Most Impactful Thing You Can Do Today

When was the last time you thought about where your food comes from? And no I don't mean the aisles of your local grocery store, I mean where did it truly come from? Where was it planted, grown, watered, harvested, prepared, packaged, and shipped from so that it could arrive in your local supermarket?

When was the last time you truly thought about the system that brought the food in your refrigerator to you? For many people, the answer may be never. But why is that? When did we become so disconnected with the system that literally is responsible for keeping us alive and well every day?

We have created a food system, and by default multiple generations of people, who give very little thought to the people and places that bring the food we eat every single day into our homes...and it isn't even really our fault.

How would you know to think more about where your food came from if it was never taught to you? Very few people learn how our food is grown locally, while even fewer learn about the distant places that make up our global food system.

I want to be a part of changing that.

You see when you start to think more about where your food, coffee, tea, chocolate, etc. is coming from you begin to realize just how connected you are to this big, beautiful world that we are fortunate to call home.  Your favorite coffee that you have been making every single morning for five years you suddenly realize comes from Guatemala, and the tea that relaxes you before bedtime was grown in Nepal

These places may sound far away and foreign to your normal daily life, and maybe they are. Maybe you will never be able to physically see these countries, but there is a part of them that is a part of a daily routine that you love. That is a pretty incredible thing if you ask me.

Food System

That is also why reconnecting with your food system, and the products that make up your day-to-day life can be one of the most impactful things you do. 

Think about it. If every single time you made a purchase, whether it be tea, or bananas, or that avocado for your avocado toast, you thought about where that food came from. If you asked questions about how it was produced and what the lives and rights were like of the people who grew it imagine the impact you could make. 

Imagine what would happen if everyone decided that they no longer would support a food system that capitalized on the poorest and most victimized people in the world. Imagine what would happen if we long longer accepted that our tea and coffee should be sprayed with harmful chemicals that could negatively impact our health, but even more so the health of those people living in the communities where these crops were grown.

We don't have to imagine anymore, we can actually act. We can make this impact and cause incredible ripples of change by simply asking "where did my food come from" and supporting social impact driven businesses that are making the answer to that question a positive, transparent one.

Three Simple Ways You Can Reconnect With Your Food System Today

Why Reconnecting With Your Food System May Be The Most Impactful Thing You Can Do Today

01: Shop Local

Nothing gets us thinking more about our food system than to start with what is happening right in our own backyard. As we move into the warmer spring and summer months, see if you can seek out any local "open farm days" in your area, or search for the farmer's markets or co-op's nearby. Ask questions about the items you are buying. How were they raised and grown? What is the life of a farmer like? I promise you will leave the conversation feeling so good and so much more connected to your food and food system!

Food System

02: Choose A Small Business To Support That Is Using Their Business For Good

We are so lucky that today there is an abundance of small businesses who are truly committing themselves to changing the way our local and global food systems work. When it comes to tea, Arbor Teas is by far my favorite small family owned company that you can usually see me using to whip up my morning matcha, or for a calming nighttime chai latte.

I personally love supporting this company because they are doing everything they can to positivity change the tea industry, while also positively impacting the health of consumers, farmers, and local communities all around the world. 

To take it even one step further, and to speak to my environmentally friendly heart, they are also committed to reducing their overall waste through compostable packaging, and reducing their carbon footprint by working with an organization called Carbon Fund to offset the carbon emissions created in the transportation of their tea.

Food System

03: Ask Where Your Food Came From Before Buying It At The Grocery Store

Next time you are shopping at the grocery store take a moment to look at the label on your food and ask yourself "where did this come from?" If you can, see if there is an organic, or fair trade option you could choose instead, or potentially even a local option you may not have noticed before. 

Simply taking the time to ask this question immediately connects you with the global food system you are a part of, and makes you more and more aware of the choices you have when food shopping.

I would love to hear from you! Leave a note in the comments and let me know how you would like to reconnect with you food system and support global health today!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Arbor Teas, an amazing tea company made up of incredible people who are working to really change the tea industry, and positively support the health of both people and planet. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make The Well Essentials possible.