Whether We Realized It Or Not...Most People Love Eating In Season

You crave your pumpkin spice everything in the Fall, warming comfort foods in the Winter, and then all of a sudden asparagus sounds appealing and you look up and its Spring. Then as the warm Summer months start to role in hydrating watermelon, leafy greens, tomatoes, and cucumbers all start to fill your plate and you feel as though you could eat fruit salad for breakfast, leafy green salads for lunch, and more veggies for dinner. 

food culture

Sound familiar? I bet it does. This is because we as humans LOVE to eat with the seasons, and it really has only been in the past 50 years with the modernization and commercialization of agriculture that we have even had the option year round of eating so very out of season. 

The problem is, we cant trick our bodies in 50 years to suddenly adapt entirely new ways of feeding ourselves year round. Not to mention that most of our ancestors lived very different lives, in different countries, with different food cultures, and yet we as Americans have been fed a big giant lie about how great it is to have every food we could ever want, at the time we want it, ripe and ready to go in our supermarket.


This convenience has over the past 50 years led food manufacturers to insert more commercialization, processing, and convenience into our food system all while claiming that it was for the good of a very busy American lifestyle. This is a load of rubbish.

All convenience food has done for American's is make them sicker, less connected with their food, and more willing to sacrifice their food for something that will fit into their overly stressed overly worked lives. There is so little balance in our American food system, there is so little appreciation or even knowledge of where our food comes from that we have begun to think about food as a commodity and not the very essence of life, from the sun, to the soil, to the plants and protein that literally keep us alive. 

I want to help bring people back to that. And I know that people are busy. I get it, I am busy to. That is why I am not asking you to jump cold turkey into a life of sustainability, or leave your stressful job for farm life. What I am asking you to do is think about what it means to be alive, and our food is a giant part of that. I want you to think about how you could reconnect with your food this week, and I want you to notice how it makes you feel...and why.

It could literally be for only one meal, but I want you to try and reconnect. I am giving you the permission to slowly start to make time for your food, because being busy just isn't a good enough excuse. Your food is deeply ingrained in your life and health, and even the busiest of people can slowly create space in their lives for a positive relationship, and connection with their food. 

So this week stop at the farmers market on the way home from work and just take it all in, bring your children apple picking and see the joy in their faces, savor a bite from a local in-season apple or pear and notice it. Think about where you are right now in your life, career, health journey and come up with one way you could improve the way you bring food into your life. Then tell me about it, because I will be dying to hear all about it. 


With all of that said I want to talk to you all about a transition that will be happening here on The Well Essentials. You see for quite a long time now my husband and I have transitioned our lives into one that encompasses a great deal of thought, planning, and connection to the way we choose to consume. This year we are going to be focusing even more on connecting with our local community here in Boston, the communities we visit when we travel, and further deepening our own food culture, and the way we live sustainability. 

But what does that mean for you? Well I am going to be sharing more and more of my tips for living a sustainability healthy life, how to become a more conscious consumer, how to break habits like compulsive shopping, and generally how to live (in our busy world) with more intent and less out of habit. I want to reshape the word "busy" to full, and help inspiring you to bring more into your life that makes you feel full not busy...there is a difference.

I also am going to be changing the way I share recipes with you all. Moving forward, every recipe is going to focus on seasonality, this means that I will no longer be sharing something that may be trendy on social media, or "healthy" from a diet culture standpoint, and instead will be focusing entirely on sharing really high quality, seasonal and local inspired recipes for you year round. 


Since so much of my life also revolves around travel, and I feel deeply connected with this mission of helping others reconnect/discover a meaningful food culture, once a week I will also be sharing a recipe from our travels around the world.

This weekly recipe will focus on many different countries, and will aim to be as traditionally inspired as possible. Many of these recipes I have learned by asking older women and men, street vendors, and local guides in the communities we have traveled to. Many of these dishes have become staples in our little familiy's food culture, and they always remind us of our experiences around the world when we make them.

I also know that so many people are not able to travel in the way we do, and I want to help bring some of my travels and experiences into your home through the recipes I will share. Experiencing other food cultures and dishes I would have never encountered before is one of my favorite parts about traveling and I want to share it with you.


Now for all of you who may be wondering if this means that I won't be sharing "healthy recipes" that is far from true, I just don't necessarily want to focus on the qualifications of a recipe being "healthy" being that it's low-sugar, low-fat, low-carb, dairy free, vegan, etc. While there are many many other blogs and recipe platforms out there that will focus on these things, here at The Well Essentials my goal is to help reconnect you with your food and do it in a way that helps you consume the nutrient dense, delicious foods based on the season we are currently in, and that help reconnect to a food culture that is so much stronger than any fleeting diet trend. 

I want people to connect with the flavor of their food, and I am always thinking about how to highlight whole food ingredients in my recipes to support a healthy body. But I also beleive that our food is about so much more than just nourishing our body, it is about more than macro and micronutrients, it is about tradition, family, culture, agriculture, connecting with nature, enjoyment. It is part of our life and it is time that we got back to living it.

I want you to come to here to The Well Essentials because you are looking for a way to re-connect with your food, not diet. Re-connecting with our food is one of the pillars to achieving true health and wellness, it has nothing to do with dieting and restricting and everything to do with re-learning how to think about our food.

I want to help people do that.