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Welcome to The Well Essentials! I really cannot even believe that I am finally at a place where I can share this platform with you all, and truly cannot begin to express just how much The Well Essentials means to me, and trust me when I say that it has been so so hard to keep it all from you for so long! 

For weeks now I have been hinting on social media about an exciting new brand/business I have been creating and I have been so anxious to share what I have been working on with you all.  It is something that I truly believe I was always meant to create, and is a platform that so accurately allows me to express everything that I am passionate about when it comes to living a whole, authentic, healthy life...and helping others do the same.



The Well Essentials philosophy is actually quite a simple one, and has been something I personally have been trying to live by for many years now. It is based on the belief that there are many essential elements associated with health; and the balance of those elements is unique for each of us as individuals.

I honestly believe that most people actually have no idea just how alive, and balanced their bodies are meant to feel. That is why I prescribe to a different philosophy of wellness, and focus on eight essential elements that I believe when balanced promote and support a healthy, and happy life. 

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One of my favorite part of The Well Essentials is the way my recipes are so easily displayed in a user friendly, well organized manner. Each recipe is now accompanied with a vibrant image of the dish I am showcasing, and all recipes are broken down into various categories for quick and easy searching. I also created a recipe archive which allows for readers to skim through all of The Well Essentials recipes at one time. Overall I love this portion of The Well Essentials and will continue to be adding new and delicious, healthy recipes daily. 

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Now comes the business side of The Well Essentials which I could not be more excited about. After becoming trained in nutrition, passing my board exams to become a Registered Dietitian, and finishing both of my Masters Degrees in Public Health and Nutrition, I honestly was having a difficult time determining what it was that I wanted to put my energy into next. Although I loved working in global health, and food policy, I knew that I also wanted a career, which would give me flexibility long term to really go after my dreams, have a family, and be able to reach a large audience of people. I also knew that I wanted to somehow be able to mix my creative side in with my science background. 

After talking it over with my husband and going back and forth on all the pros and cons of starting my own business, we both came to the realization that this was what I was meant to do, this was my calling, and was also something that had the potential to really make a significant difference in many peoples lives. 

So after a lot of hard work, I am now am happy to say that The Well Essentials is so much more than a healthy living blog. It is a place where I can provide my readers with qualified nutrition counseling, virtual nutrition coaching, and consulting for companies who are looking to make a positive difference in the world and the lives of their consumers/employees. I could not be happier to see my small dream of a business start to expand in so many exciting and positive ways. I appreciate you all so much for supporting me as I build The Well Essentials into what I hope will be one of the best resources for nutrition and healthy living out there.

I really hope that you grow to love The Well Essentials as much as I do, and please I encourage you to contact me if there is anything you really are looking to see. I want to help you all discover a positive approach towards health and wellness, and feel very passionate about helping you in anyway I can. This is only the beginning, and I could not be more excited. 

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