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How To Pack For A Zero Waste Move In 5 Simple Steps

As we started planning for our move out of our sixth floor walk up (and no there is no elevator) we started to plan for how we wanted this move to go, and what we wanted to avoid. Since we have adopted a reduced waste lifestyle (we absolutely are still far from perfect) one thing we really wanted to try and limit was the amount of waste that is caused by moving. 

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How To Store Your Veggies Without Plastic (And Keep Them Fresh)

When it comes to ditching plastic wrap and plastic tupperware for good one of the most common concerns that people have is that their food will go bad quicker without the use of plastic. I want to help change this misconception because the length of time you are able to store or keep your food really has nothing to do with plastic, and everything to do with how you are storing it and how you are planning your food purchases. 

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