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5 Steps To Creating "A Life Less Throwaway"

It’s not enough to demand that the things we own last a lifetime, we need to change the behavior around how we own them. We need to learn how to own less, but better. We need to stop thinking of our planet as “away” and start realizing that most items we purchase will either end up in the homes of our future generations, or will end up in landfills. There is no “away” — so let’s stop acting like it.

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Incredible Companies That Make Sustainable Living So Much Easier!

When I first set out on my own journey to live a more sustainable life and become a more conscious consumer I'm not going to lie, I was totally and completely overwhelmed. 

You see I had no idea just how much plastic I used, how unethical my clothing was, how much deeper labels like "organic" or "fair trade" go beyond our own personal health, and most of all I had no awareness in regards to how much of the money I was spending on a day to day basis was actually going towards positively impacting the world I live in. 

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How To Bring Sustainable Living Into Your Life This Year

You guys know that I am so passionate about sustainable living, heck I created this wonderful business for the purpose of sharing as much education and inspiration about sustainable living with as many people as possible. In my life the foundational principles of sustainable living are the leading light that drives virtually everything that I do. From the way I make choices, to the things I prioritize, to the way I wish to treat others, and the impact I want to leave on this world, sustainable living is behind a lot of it. 

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What Happened When I Stopped Shopping Fast Fashion For One Year

Yep, you read that right. Last year right after Christmas I decided that I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped shopping fast fashion, aka non-ethically/sustainably produced fashion for an entire year. 

A part of me just wanted to test myself, because I love a good challenge, while the other part of me was really worried that I wouldn't be able to do it. After getting a MPH in Global Health I knew that there was so much more to becoming a conscious consumer than just paying attention to where my food was coming from, and after I switched over my skincare to safe-products I knew that I was ready for that next step - my clothing. 

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Part Two: Guide to Sustainable Living // My Favorite Resources

In part two of my Guide to Sustainable Living I wanted to share with you some of my favorite resources to help you begin your journey towards sustainable living. Throughout my own journey I have been inspired by so many people, teachers, books, experiences, etc. and while I hope that The Well Essentials is a great resource for you to turn to throughout this process, it absolutely is not the only resource. 

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Part One: Guide to Sustainable Healthy Living // Getting Started

I hear all the time from friends, family, and readers that they want to bring more sustainable practices into their lives but they just don't know where to start. I also find that many of these same people may have wonderful intentions, but are trying to make too many changes overnight, which makes the process of shifting their lifestyle nearly impossible. That is why I wanted to create this Guide To Sustainable Healthy Living where each week I will be sharing more information and resources that will help make your journey towards sustainable living so much easier. 

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5 Sustainable Subscription Services Worth Trying

Who doesn't like a good subscription box? I mean it basically is like getting a present at your door every month and it's not even your birthday or Christmas. These days there a subscription boxes for almost anything you can think of. There are wine of the month boxes, coffee boxes, chocolate boxes, make up boxes, skin care boxes, snack boxes and of course boxes specifically for your favorite pets. 

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