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Guide To Sustainable Living: Reconnecting With Our Food

There is a giant system at play that brings the food we eat to the shelves of the grocery stores we buy from. The question however, is whether or not this system is serving the people that it is meant to support, and how can we ensure that the health and wellbeing of ALL people benefit from the way our food is produced?

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Whether We Realized It Or Not...Most People Love Eating In Season

You crave your pumpkin spice everything in the Fall, warming comfort foods in the Winter, and then all of a sudden asparagus sounds appealing and you look up and its Spring. Then as the warm Summer months start to role in hydrating watermelon, leafy greens, tomatoes, and cucumbers all start to fill your plate and you feel as though you could eat fruit salad for breakfast, leafy green salads for lunch, and more veggies for dinner. 

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