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How Seed Saving Can Improve Food Security, Biodiversity, And Protect Healing Knowledge

In the past, the process of saving seeds was a natural means of preserving and cross-breeding plants from one harvest to the next. But today seed saving is literally a way to ensure food security and diversity in our food system while also holding onto the many ancient healing practices that otherwise could be lost forever.

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The Way Nature Intended: 5 Healing Herbs For Holistic Health & Wellness

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest ways that humans have supported holistic health and wellness with the use of healing herbs and plants that naturally work synergistically with our bodies — what could be a more beautiful way to support optimal vitality and connect us with the world around us than through the celebration of plants.

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What Is Regenerative Agriculture? Why The Future of Our Health And Our Planet Lies In Our Soil

Today, most of our food is grown using conventional farming practices, which often prioritizes yield and profit over taste, quality, and soil health. But regenerative agriculture practices are looking to change that by focusing on using farming practices that prioritize soil health to improve our food system while simultaneously sequestering carbon to help reverse climate change.

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