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How Climate Change Impacts Global Health & Why It Is Our Greatest Threat

Climate change is and will be known throughout history as the most critical issue of our time. What we do now and over the course of the next decade will forever impact the lives of those to come long after we are gone. But while climate change remains an issue that is addressed under the lens of environmental science, it quickly (and not so quietly) has become the greatest threat to global health, making it our most pressing public health issue today.

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Making An Impact With Your Morning Coffee

Some people may say that choosing to purchase fair-trade coffee isn't going to make a difference, or that there are many issues with the fair trade system itself, and they are right on that last part...there are issues with the fair trade label like all overarching entities. But ultimately when it comes down to it, supporting small-producers that are part of fair trade organizations is something that has so much good at its core. Companies who are supporting these co-op's are trying to do better, and that really is what matters.

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