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Roasted Veggie and Quinoa Warm Buddha Bowl

I live in New England, which means that we get a very cold, harsh winter for a good 3-4 months of the year. It's makes us stronger :) Because of the cold season, the vegetables that we are able to grow year round here are limited, and are for the most part meant to be served warm, and cooked...which just so happens to align perfectly with what our bodies naturally crave during this kind of weather. It's not a coincidence, it nature, and nature is so frickin cool!

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Gluten Free Wild Salmon Cakes

Try and imagine the perfect mix between a salmon burger and a crab cake. That is exactly what these salmon cakes are like. I wanted to avoid needing to use any gluten free breading or bread crumbs, and wanted to keep the mixture really focused on the salmon, but capable of binding well together…if you have much experience with gluten free cooking/baking you will know that the fact I was able to nail this combination on the first try was a mere miracle.

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Lentil and White Bean Slow Cooker Chili

Personally, I think that slow cookers were invented for the holiday season. When time seems to move at warp speed and there are a thousand and one million things to get done every week, which makes planning, prepping, and cooking healthy meals somewhat overwhelming. Not to mention it's cold outside, and slow cookers are the perfect invention for making feel good healthy meals that just warm up your soul. 

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