Sustainable Living Gift Guide For The Holidays

I know that the holidays are right around the corner, and you may have already chosen and purchased gifts for your friends and family, but just in case you are anything like me and haven't I wanted to share with you some of my favorite sustainable gifts that I am loving right now. 

sustainable living holiday gift guide - the well essentials

When looking for a sustainable gift there usually are a few things to ask yourself. Sustainable living in my mind encompasses a few different categories, and so when I go to make a sustainable purchase I also run through a few questions in my mind.

  1. Was this product made and sourced in a eco-friendly manner. For instance was it made using organic ingredients, or reusable packaging?

  2. Who made this product and were they treated fairly. For example, was this product made in a developing country. If so what standards does the company have to supporting the health, and rights of the workers who made this product.

  3. How far from my home was this product made? For example, if I have the option to purchase a piece of pottery from a local maker here in New England I will always choose that option over one that was mass produced.

  4. How healthy is this product for me personally, the person I am purchasing the gift for, and the people who were involved in the process of getting it to me. For instance, was this candle I am thinking of purchasing made using safe non-toxic ingredients that are safe to breathe in, and were safe for the workers who made the candles to handle.

  5. Will the person I am purchasing this gift for get a lot of use out of it. We have a major issue with over consumption here in the USA, and so the most sustainable gifts will always be those that have a lot of thought, intention, and purpose behind them.

A good rule of thumb when looking for sustainable products to give as gifts is to look for certified B-Corporations, fair trade organizations, and certified organic companies. An even better option is to form relationships with makers in your own community and ask them personally how they produce their products. Best of all, opt for an experience over a physical gift to give your loved ones.

sustainable living holiday gift guide - the well essentials

for the skincare/beauty junkie

I have a whole list of all my skincare favorites that you can check out here. But for a gift for the skincare/beauty junkie these are a few of my top favorites.

  • Osmia Organics Recovery Salt Bath - I am all about my baths, and salt baths are one of the best things you can do not only for your skin, but also for your muscles, and the absorption of magnesium. This recovery salt bath is so relaxing and one of my favorites.

  • Kjaer Foundation - I am obsessed with this foundation! If you use a fair amount of oils on your skin I would highly recommend it. It has great coverage, but feels like it truly melts right into my skin and never leaves me feeling dry or greasy.

  • Indie Lee CoQ10 Toner - This toner is super hydrating and always leaves my skin feeling both clean and moisturized. Couldn't recommend it more.

  • Ilia Makeup - If you are looking for a good stocking stuffer you are pretty much safe with any of the Ilia Makeup products. I am obsessed with the lipsticks and shadow sticks in pretty much every color.

sustainable living gift guide - the well essentials

for the guys

Guys can be tough in general when it comes to giving gifts, let alone finding sustainable options they are going to love. Here are a few of my husband approved favorites.

  • Vermont Flannel Classic Men's Shirt - Vermont Flannel is a very well known, Made in Vermont company here in New England that makes amazing Men's and Women's Clothing.

  • Boody Men's Boxers - Boody is an eco-friendly undergarment company that uses a bamboo fabric to make the softest clothing, and underwear.

  • Nisolo Owen Belt - If you are looking for beautiful, sustainable leather goods, then look no further than Nisolo. Their shoes, and accessories are beautiful and are made with very high ethical standards.

sustainable living gift guide - the well essentials

for the cook

  • Farmhouse Pottery Pie Dish - If your loved one is a baker, they are going to love this handmade pie dish from Farmhouse Pottery, a small pottery company local to Vermont.

  • Vintage Cast Iron Pan - If you have a cook in your life then you can guarantee that they will love and appreciate a good cast iron pan. My favorite thing to do is search antique stores for original vintage pans (sometimes you will come across a Griswold!) and clean it up by putting it in the oven on self-clean. This is such a sustainable gift option and is one any cook will love.

  • Farmhouse Pottery Crafted Bowls - Okay so I have a thing for Farmhouse Pottery, but it really is a wonderful company with such sustainable practices, plus I love that they are local to New England. These wooden bowls are stunning and on my wish list this year.

sustainable living gift guide - the well essentials

for the homebody

I love shopping for the homebody, they usually love their homes and the things in them so so much, and I always find them to be such fun to pick a really thoughtful gift out for. Here are a few of my sustainable favorites for the homebody in your life.

  • Noted Candles - I know that some people don't like to give candles as gifts but these candles are truly special. They are handmade right here in Boston using 100% eco-friendly ingredients and would make for a great gift or stocking stuffer.

  • The Citizenry Diamanta Throw - This throw couldn't be cozier and is perfect for the homebody. The Citizenry is an incredible company that has been setting a great example for how a company can have beautiful high-end goods that are produced in an entirely sustainable, and ethical fashion.

  • Bar Master's Tool Set - Does your homebody prefer to do drinks at home then hit up a bar? This bar tool set is beautiful and certified fair trade, that was ethically sourced and handcrafted in India, and the perfect gift for the homebody who still likes to make a good cocktail.

I hope you found this gift guide helpful and are well on your way to gifting some sustainable items to your loved ones this year.