Staying Present

Last night I went to one of my absolute favorite yoga classes here in Boston and was totally in need of some hot yoga + workout + sweat session + relaxation.

While I was sweating it out in warrior two for about the 100th time that class, the instructor began to talk about dates, and how they really are so arbitrary. For instance, who decided that for some reason September 1st means that summer is over, boots are back in season, and everyone in the city of Boston needs to move out of their apartments? Really it was 90 degrees yesterday, but for some reason it felt different than the 90 degree day it had been on August 30th, something had changed, but why? Why do we give September 1st so much power? Why do we validate it anymore than any other day? 

This really got me thinking about how in general we give numbers and dates more meaning then they truly deserve. "I will start my diet on Monday", "I can eat this ice cream sundae because its the weekend", "All I want to be in X pounds", "I want to be married by X age", "I cant wear anything but size X jeans". The list of thoughts in our heads goes on and on, and so much of the time the goals we set for ourselves are arbitrarily tied to some kind of number, or date. 

Which brings me to the title of this blog what if it is September 2nd, today was 90 degrees and sunny, so as far as I am concerned summer is not over, and I am not buying it. I also am not buying that you have to wait until "Monday" to make a healthy change in your life, or just because its the weekend it suddenly becomes okay to indulge. What is wrong with indulging on a Tuesday? How did Monday-Thursday somehow become "diet days" and Friday Night-Sunday, become "cheat days". Who decided that if you are craving an ice cream on a Tuesday that you can't have it, or for some reason you have to binge like it is your last meal on Saturday night, because Monday is day one of your diet. It honestly makes me upset when I think of how much we have limited ourselves based on numbers and dates that in reality mean nothing. 

So I am going to let you all in on a secret, your body doesn't know whether it is Monday or Friday or Saturday. Your body doesn't know whether the scale says you are a half a pound higher, or that you needed a different jean size in one department store than the other. What your body does know is that when it is fed and nourished well that it feels good, that when you have slept well that it is rested, that when it is in a pair of jeans that fit they feel good. If we focused more on what our body is telling us, rather than what our mind or "ego" would like to see, wouldn't we live a more present life. Wouldn't we be focused on how we feel, rather than what we think?

I really challenge you to try and begin to reflect on how many dates, or numbers have crept their way into your life, and determine which ones may be worth keeping, and which ones have no business being validated. As for me, this weekend you can find me at the beach because it may be September, but summer definitely isn't over, and I'm just not buying it.