Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

Spring is the one season that in my mind truly encompasses new beginnings. The air literally smells new, the trees and flowers are all blooming, and there is a whole lot of new energy floating around that just makes people feel good. We feel motivated to clean the spaces we live in like they have never been cleaned before, and assess things in our life that are either bringing us purpose or not, and remove those pieces from our spaces that are not.

All of those desires to really clean up both our physical environment, and some of our own personal habits I do not for one second believe to be a coincidence, and 100% believe to be an inherent part of us knowing as humans that it is time for some change. Isn't that cool when you really think about it?

non-toxic skincare

But it actually wasn't until a few years ago that I really took the time to take a hard look at my skincare products during one of these spring cleaning sprees, and realized that I had a lot of work to do. What started out with a question I had as to why some of the eye makeup products I was using literally were making my eyes cry from irritation, turned into an epic journey down the rabbit hole of our current personal beauty and skincare products industry, and honestly I felt pretty sick. 

It was very similar to the feeling I experienced a decade ago now when I began to learn about our global food system. I felt completely tricked by the fact that so many of the products I had been using that were marketed as being clean or natural were anything but! 

why clean up your skincare?

In my mind there is one very simple reason to start cleaning up your skincare routine and it is this. There are more than 80,000 estimated chemicals on the market today, and very little contain quality safety data when it comes to the chemicals that are allowed to be used on our skin. Additionally, the FDA does not regulate personal care products, and there are more than 1300 currently being used in the United States marketplace, that have otherwise been banned for use in the European Union.

Whats worse is that many of the chemicals that are found in our personal care products today have been known to cause harmful effects on our bodies, and can negatively impact our endocrine system (which regulates our hormones), and lead to other more serious health conditions. 

If that isn't reason enough, I honestly do not know what it.

so what now?! become a conscious consumer

I truly believe that absolutely every person, on every budget can take steps to reduce the amount they are being exposed to harmful toxins, and it just starts with a little education. There are so many wonderful free resources, and generally affordable companies out there that are doing things right, and they need to be supported. 

Also, it's important to not get overwhelmed when you decide to make a change in your personal care products to reduce your chemical exposure. It does not need to happen over night, and small changes over time really do have the potential to make a large impact. 

For someone who is looking to clean up their skincare, but doesn't have a big budget, I would recommend starting with the products that you use the most, and on the largest amounts of your skin. For instance for me that meant switching sunscreen, and face wash/lotion first. Since I don't typically wear a lot of makeup I also switched concealers, since that really was the one product I would use almost every day. 

So you are probably wondering okay well where do I start? How do I know if a company truly is non-toxic, and what resources can I use to start making these changes? Don't worry I've gotcha covered. 

" I like my products like I like my people, non-toxic "

shop follain

One of the best places to start when it comes to cleaning up your skincare absolutely would be a 100% non-toxic skincare and beauty store like Follain. I was lucky that this beautiful store just so happened to open in my neighborhood right around the time I was making this change to cleaner skincare. Once day I just walked in and basically asked for help, and the women were amazing!

They were able to speak to me knowledgeably about specific skin care concerns, prior products I had been using, and what switches they thought would be best for my budget, and my skin. I honestly can say that I have never walked out of this beautiful store with a product that I regretted or didn't work for me. Who can say that about Sephora or CVS? 

There is just something to be said for feeling taken care of by people whose life passion is to better educate consumers on non-toxic skincare, and help support them in their own transition to using safer, more high-quality products. Also for those that are wondering, safer skincare products can still perform and be just as high quality, if not higher quality in my opinion than the toxic stuff.

osea - natural non-toxic skincare made in california

One of the very first brands that was recommended to me by Follain when I initially switched to clean beauty products was Osea and I haven't looked back. I loved that their products soothed my very sensitive and at times breakout prone skin, and I was amazed by how healthy my skin began to look after just a few weeks.


They have some of the best transparency of any skincare company that I have come across when it comes to their ingredients and how they source their products, which I not only appreciate but also realize as being something that can be very hard to come by. Not all companies are as forthcoming with how their products are sourced, their standards, and exactly what goes inside them.

I love that with Osea I always know that the products I am choosing to buy are both good for me and the environment. This even goes all the way down to the beautiful glass reuseable bottles that the products come in.

I also really loved that they utilize the natural powers of the sea in their sea algae products, which as an ocean girl myself, it is no surprise that these products seemed to work so naturally for me.

Some of my favorites are the Ocean Cleansing Milk and the Sea Vitamin Boost .

some of my favorite non-toxic beauty resources

The Environmental Working Group is an incredible environmental organization that takes on a whole bunch of issues, but is also working hard to address safety in our skincare products.

The Skin Deep Database Mobile App is also one of my favorite ways to look up information on the go. You can even use barcode scanning to check the safety of many of your skincare products.

Follain is also obviously another resource I highly recommend. You can speak to highly trained staff in stores, or read their blog and ask questions online.

Osea also has a great blog that provides information on safety in skincare beyong their own personal products that is worth checking out.

Beauty Counter is another great resource. Beyond their products they share a lot of incredible information on this subject that can help consumers make more educated decisions when it comes to the safety of their skincare.

spring clean skincare giveaway

Now for some exciting news! For all of my local readers here in Boston. For anyone who goes to Follain (located in Beacon Hill) you will receive a free travel size Osea Sea Vitamin Boost with any purchase of $50 or more (while supplies last).

I also have an awesome giveaway going on my instagram page and one lucky person will recieve a $50 giftcard to use on Osea's website. Head on over to my instagram to enter now!

I hope you found this information to be helpful and feel a little empowered to take control of some of your choices when it comes to your personal care products, and start make small changes that will be good for both your own body, and the environment. 

This post was sponsored in partnership with Osea Malibu and Follain and does contain some affiliate links, however all opinions are as always 100% honest and completely my own. I truly love and purchase from these two companies and believe that they are doing wonderful things for the safety and cleaning up of our cosmetics and skincare industry.