Save the Date Invitation Design

I honestly can say that even through all the hours of hand-lettering, designing, re-designing, wasted envelopes, and countless runs to my local art store...I truly did enjoy the whole process of designing and hand-lettering our wedding Save the Date invitations. With six months now left to go until my wedding, I want to make sure that I begin to share some of the wedding related DIY projects, design elements, and just this wonderful process with you all as we get closer to some of the exciting wedding related events we have planned in the near future.

To start us off I shared our engagement story, and now I want to dive a little into the process of designing our save the date invitations and the overall feeling Mike and I have decided we are hoping to achieve from our wedding planning process. 

From the very beginning of our wedding planning process I constantly kept thinking back over a conversation I had a few years ago with one of my very best friends and bridesmaid (I recommend checking out her super creative blog here).

During one of our many wine and craft nights we were talking about the weddings we had attended and what we envisioned for our own weddings. My friend then said that when it comes to her wedding, she wants people to feel like she made it, like she was a part of it, that when you look at her invitations or a display of flowers at her wedding, that her friends and family think of her and her future husband, and don't think of the price tag that simply bought it. Honestly, this viewpoint couldn't have fit my vision for my own wedding more perfect and I began to use it as a mantra for most our wedding related decisions. I want my wedding to feel like I made it, like I was entwined into every moment of this special day, and not like I bought it.

Save the Date Invitation Design Mood Board

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Since Mike and I live in an expensive part of the country, we knew when we got engaged that we were most likely going to end up still spending somewhat of a small fortune just to cover the basics of feeding, boozing, and providing entertainment and o probably a chair to sit on for our insanely large families, and all our amazing friends. We knew from the very beginning that every chance we could to make or design elements of our wedding we were going to take, and while I know that we have saved loads of $$ doing many things ourselves, that honestly is not the #1 reason why we have chosen to make our wedding as personal as possible. Not to get too sappy on you or anything, but it really is because we love each other, and we love our friends and family so much that all we truly want from our wedding is for our friends and family to feel how important they are to us, and how much we love each other, from the most they open their save the date invitation, to the very end of our post-wedding brunch. 

And while I know that paper-goods are not at the top of everyone's wedding must have list, for me they were. And not only because I am a designer, so it's kind of a no brainer that they were important to me, but more for another very simple reason. Our wedding invitations are the very first time that our friends and family will know that we couldn't think of getting married without them present to support us, and I wanted them to feel special as they are opening their invitation. I wanted them to feel like Mike and I were thinking of them personally when we put their invitation together, and I believe that the process of designing, hand-lettering, and assembling my Save the Date invitations allowed us to achieve just that. 

To achieve the personal touches that I was looking for I decided to design the Save the Date card in photoshop using some of my own hand lettering, and then went about the tedious process of watercolor addressing all of our envelopes. This honestly took forever, but was well worth the time and I could not be happier with how they turned out.

We also took the time to wrap the cards in vellum before placing in the watercolor envelopes and secured the vellum with a small piece of gold glitter washi tape. I know the simple personalized touches were well received when we started getting text messages and phone calls from our friends and family who loved opening our invitations and appreciated the personality behind them. Mission accomplished! Now onto the wedding invites!