Our Family's Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope you all have wonderful days spent with your family and friends and are enjoying and appreciating the abundance of food and love that surrounds many of us on Thanksgiving. 

I thought that this Thanksgiving I would share with you some of my favorite family traditions, and I would love it if in the comments you would share yours. Now that Mike and I are married and are beginning to make some traditions of our own, I love coming up with new ideas that I would like to start with my own little family, and what traditions I want to take from mine growing up. 

our family's favorite thanksgiving traditions

thanksgiving traditions

baking with my mom and sisters

I grew up in a family of all girls, except for my Dad. What a guy! And because my family always hosted Thanksgiving and my Mom always made everything from scratch, every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving my Mom would let us skip school so that we could help her with the baking/cooking...and inevitably the cleaning. 

To this day, I almost like the day before Thanksgiving more than the holiday itself. It is so much fun feeling the energy of the holiday ahead and all the things to do and make. We always have good music playing, and wine flowing, which generally just makes it a pretty fun time. 

Teaching my kids how to cook and bake is going to be very important to me, and I know that this is a tradition I want to continue forever. 

Getting In A Workout

My family is pretty active and so we always get a workout in together on the morning of Thanksgiving. Sometimes its a 5K, or our own made-up family 5K, while other times it may just be my sister kicking our butts with one of her workout plans in the basement. 

Regardless of what kind of activity it is that we are doing, we always do something and we all feel so much better having gotten some movement in before heading into what will of course be a pretty indulgent day.

Taking A Walk By The Water

I grew up in a beach town, and like I mentioned we always do Thanksgiving at my parents house. Every year we usually as a big extended family will go and take a walk down by the water. The ocean is always so vibrant this time of year and it always feels really good to be down by the water breathing in some salty air.

Saying What We Are Thankful For

Ever since we were kids we have been doing this and I love that we continue the tradition on today as adults. Basically how it works is before we all begin eating we go around the table and all say what we are grateful for, usually my Dad gets pretty mushy, which is pretty cute.

Incorporating Italian Thanksgiving Traditions

Since my family is Italian...and I mean really really Italian, we always bring some Italian traditions into our Thanksgiving. Usually this means that my sisters and I make an antipasto, my Mom makes an Italian stuffing, and my Aunt brings these Italian Stuffed Mushrooms we all love. We also in addition to the pies and other traditional Thanksgiving desserts will usually have some Italian cookies, or maybe even some cannolis. 

I love that we do this in my family and it will absolutely be something I want to reinforce with my own kids. I think that having a strong food culture is so important, and I love that my parents, aunts/uncles, and grandparents made it such an important and big part of our lives. 

Watching A Family Movie

We watch a little football on Thanksgiving, but it's never really been the main attraction since we are a family of mostly women. With that said, usually the boys will watch some football on and off during the day, and then at night we all will sit down to watch a movie. A lot of the time my Dad is picking and we will end up watching a classic, or maybe even a Christmas movie to get us really into the holiday spirit. 


This is something that I hope to do more of on/around Thanksgiving in years to come. While I do volunteer a lot throughout the year, I haven't ever on or right around Thanksgiving and I would really like to. 

There is so much hunger and food insecurity in this country, and while I feel very fortunate to have a safe warm home to sleep in, an abundance of food at my disposal, and a healthy happy family, I know that so many people living in this country do not have these things. So in the future, especially when I have my own kids I want to really research an organization that we as a family can get involved in and attached to, and make volunteering a bigger part of our family traditions around the holidays

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my families holiday traditions. Now I would love it if you would leave yours in the comments. Who knows maybe I'll get some new ideas for next year.