My Non-Toxic Skincare Favorites For Sensitive Winter Skin

Who doesn't have winter skin issues? Whether you are more prone to breakouts, have eczema that always seems to pop up, or have horribly dry skin in the winter, skin issues are no fun. Over the past ten years since my high-school teenage days and all throughout most of my 20's my skin has given me a run for my money.

Another time I am going to tell you guys all about my experiences with both perioral dermatitis and chronic acne (both of which I was finally able to heal), but today I want to share some of my favorite non-toxic skincare favorites for those of you out there with sensitive winter skin. 

My Non-Toxic Skincare Favorites For Sensitive Winter Skin - The Well Essentials

Living in New England we have harsh winters that make you wonder whether you will ever see a warm sunny day again. So needless to say for us New Englander, our skin can take quite a beating, and since our skin is our bodies largest organ it is so important to make sure that we are treating it well during the winter. 

About two years ago when my skin was reacting to nearly everything I put on it and I was having a bad perioral dermatitis flare, I walked into my favorite non-toxic skincare store Follain and told the sales girl that I was having horrible allergic reactions to my skincare products/makeup/etc. and everything had to go. 

My Non-Toxic Skincare Favorites For Sensitive Winter Skin - The Well Essentials

Because my reactions were so bad and I been having issues with my skin for so long (even with the "perfect" diet....we will talk about this another time). I really went all in all at once with switching out my skincare/makeup for non-toxic products. While this isn't something I would recommend for everyone because it can feel overwhelming and be pretty expensive, it was just what I needed to do for me, and honestly, I never looked back.

While I can't tell you that there was any one product that changed my skin, I will say that my skin became much less reactive, and it generally made it easier for me to figure out how to finally heal my skin. 

My Non-Toxic Skincare Favorites For Sensitive Winter Skin - The Well Essentials

With that said, over the years I have found some products that I truly love and have bought over and over again, and I know how contributed to helping my super sensitive skin feel really healthy in the winter. 

My Non-Toxic Skincare Favorites

Osmia Recovery Salt Bath Taking baths is a big part of how I treat my skin in the winter time. I love this recovery bath salts after a workout.

Follain Osea Bath Salts These bath salts have magnesium in them, which is really helpful for calming stress/anxiety and is great for our skin. I will use these once or twice a week.

Osea Ocean Cleansing Milk Super gentle and one of my favorite moisturizing cleansers for the winter time. 

Indie Lee COQ10 Toner I love how moisturizing this feels on my skin, I need less tightening in the winter and this feels very nourishing.

Osmia Black Clay Facial Soap I will stop using all other face washes/scrubs if I think I may be getting some perioral dermatitis or a breakout and just use this.

Osmia Simple Facial Cream I will stop using everything and only use this if I think I may be getting some perioral dermatitis or a breakout.

Trilogy COQ10 Booster Oil Absolutely love how this soaks into my skin and does an amazing job of keeping my skin moisturized. 

Osmia Spot Treatment If I feel a breakout coming on I just roll this onto it a few times a day and they very rarely end up coming to full-force, and are gone much quicker than they would have been otherwise.

May Lindstrom Honey Mud Mask I adore this mask and while it is pricey I swear I had it for 6-8 months before needing to buy again. It lasts forever and I use it about one to two times per week.

Indie Lee Clearing Mask I find that this really helps give my skin a deep clean in the winter time without drying it out like some other "clearing masks" can do. 

Farmaesthetics Nourishing Lavender Milk I love the light lavender scent, and this body lotion is super gentle for sensitive skin, but still is very hydrating without feeling greasy or oily. 

Combat-Ready Balm Babies & Kids While I don't personally get horribly chapped hands, this balm has worked amazing for a few of my clients and my Dad whose hands are always chapped from working outside. 

Combat-Ready Chapstick If your lips are chapped in the winter time this stuff is just what you need! This is pretty much all I use all winter and would highly recommend it. 

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