My Favorite Travel Essentials for Feel Good, Stress Free Travel

By now you guys know that travel is something that I love, and do a lot. There is a reason why exploration is one of The Well Essentials Elements. I truly do believe that there is something about exploring the world around us (that could be within our own environments, or far from home) that is so very human.  If you ever watch a toddler see something new for the first time, their reaction is captivating. The pure joy, and curiosity they feel is something we all have within us, and is connected to how we view the world around us. Travel or exploration like I more often like to call it is capable of getting us to that place of pure joy and wonderment that is so often difficult to achieve in our day to day lives. 

Since I have done my fair share of both domestic and international travel over the years, I have come to have a few favorite travel essentials that I typically will bring with me on every single trip. What I have learned while traveling is that organization is key to maintaining a stress free travel experience, another time I will talk about how I specifically go about packing for travel, but for this post I want to focus on ways to keep travel feeling good and stress free.

Before we get into all of my favorites, I do want to make a point to address that especially if you are someone who is traveling with food allergies like me, it is so important to make sure you have some emergency snacks with you just in case you find yourself in a situation where there literally is nothing you can eat while traveling. This has happened to me so many times and I have always been happy to be prepared with some pre-packed snacks when needed. 

my favorite travel essentials for feel good, stress free travel

travel favorites

bee keepers naturals propolis

Propolis is considered to be the immune system of the bee hive, and I love to travel with propolis for a natural immune booster while traveling. I simply spray it a few times a day on the back of my throat, and find that it helps keep any colds from developing while traveling.

lavender essential oil

Over the past few years I have experienced some travel related anxiety, specifically around flying, which since you guys know I love to travel really is not something that I am interested in putting up with. To help work on my travel anxiety I have developed a series of steps that I will discuss in another post, but rubbing some lavender oil onto my hands and breathing deeply 5-10 times I find to be very helpful. 

Lavender All Natural hand sanitizer

Airports, bus stations, trains, public bathrooms, they are dirty and filled with so many germs, especially during cold and flu season. While I am in no way a proponent of using anti-bacterial hand sanitizer on a daily basis, I do like to take this one with me while traveling. Not only does it have a calming lavender scent, but it helps reduce the likelihood of picking up an unwanted cold. 

osea sea vitamin boost

My skin gets super dehydrated while traveling, and so I always have a little travel size toner mist on me to spray on my face periodically while traveling. This helps to calm my travel anxiety, and keep my skin hydrated at the same time. 

swell bottle

I never travel without my reusable water bottle. Like I just mentioned, dehydration is very common while traveling, and is one of the first things that will start to make you not feel so great. Not to mention disposable water bottles are so wasteful, and very unnessecary when there are so many cute reusable options! I always keep a reusable water bottle on me, and while flying will just ask the flight attendants to fill it for me during the flight. 

travel organization bags

Let me tell you something, if you are disorganized while traveling you are going to be stressed. Not knowing where your stuff is when you are in lines and crowded spaces is just asking for stress. That is why I always pack for travel using this helpful organization bags. I usually designate one bag for each of the following categories below:

  • Snacks (protein bars, nuts, almond butter)

  • Jewelry and hair ties, clips, bobby pins

  • Undergarments

  • Toiletries and Makeup

  • Power Cords, Chargers, Headphones

  • Pens, Hand Sanitizer, Misc. items

Travelon Anti-Theft Tailored Backpack 

One of the unfortunate parts of travel is that at some point you are more than likely going to have something stolen from you. Luckily I have been very fortunate traveling, and have only ever had something stolen once (when we left a backpack in our rental car in Costa Rica). Whether it's from a pick-pocketer, or having a bag stolen, taking precautions to try and avoid theft while traveling is always a smart thing to do. I LOVE this little travel backpack, because it is just the right size for sight-seeing, and has theft proof zippers, an identity shield, and slash proof straps. 

travel friendly probiotics

If I am going to have a good travel adventure, then my stomach needs to feel good! I tend to have an issue with digestion when I first am traveling and getting to a new place. To help alleviate any stomach issues I make sure I take two of these travel friendly probiotics per day, in addition to upping my water consumption. 

snacks, snacks, snacks

While traveling it is always best to have some of your favorite snacks with you for those times when you are really feeling hunger coming on. Some of my go to snacks are:

  • Protein bars

  • Nuts

  • Gluten free crackers (if I am feeling a little motion sickness)

  • Apples

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Instant Oatmeal

compression socks

I don't have the best circulation to begin with (I have something called raynauds syndrome where in both the warm and cold weather I can lose circulation in both my hands and feet). With the said, even if you have wonderful circulation, traveling for long periods of time is not good for our circulation and can increase the risk for blood clots. I will never forget the time my legs ballooned on a flight from Moscow to New York and I seriously considered asking the flight attendant if I could put my legs up the airplane wall somewhere! Since then, I always make sure when I am on any extended travel journey, be it flying or in the car, that I put on compression socks. 

I hope you found this list of some of my favorite travel essentials to be helpful, and that it will encourage you to think about what your next adventure will be. Get exploring!

All opinions are my own, these products are items that I truly do use, and love while traveling. This post was not sponsored, however I did receive some complimentary product from companies I have bought from numerous times in the past and will continue to buy from in the future. This post does contain affiliate links, which help to allow The Well Essentials to produce the free public content shared on a daily basis.