How You Can Set Powerful, Positive Intentions Of Your Own This New Year

While I love a New Year just as much as the next person, what I don't love so much is the onset of extremes that seems to always come with it. While it may be nice to think of January 1st as a fresh start, there is something about waiting for "fresh-starts" that rubs me the wrong way.

We have been programmed through social norms and marketing to think of a new month, or a new year, or a new week as the time to start fresh. But what's interesting about that whole mentality is that our body actually has no idea if it is a Monday, a Wednesday, the first of the month, or the middle of the month. Our body just knows how it is responding to what is thrown at it day to day, while our mind is the one that gets fixated on dates, fresh starts, and new years. 

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And this is why most resolutions fail. Because our minds get on board with a somewhat extreme or rigid idea, while our bodies are like....but we're just going to keep doing our own thing.

Our bodies don't flourish in extremes, which is why they fight our minds over and over and over again. Our bodies realize that the last seven diets didn't work, when our minds want to believe that that eighth one is going to be the answer. 

Our bodies are so so smart, and they can lead our minds if we let them...we just have to let them.

Which is why I love intentions over resolutions because an intention is about tuning your mind into your body. Think of your intentions as the backbone and fuel needed to manifest your goals and vision for your life. Your intentions are not the destination (those would be goals), your intentions are the journey they helps you get there. They are fluid, able to change, and routed in positivity. 

My 2018 Intentions + How You Can Set Powerful, Positive Intentions Of Your Own

Which is why I asked at the very beginning of this post how you felt 2018 was going for you? If you are feeling a bit frustrated, overwhelmed, or disappointing in yourself for yet another failed resolution I want you to know that you are currently in the perfect place to focus on setting intentions instead, and I am going to show you how. 

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how to set powerful, positive intentions for manifesting your goals and life vision

01: start with reflection

The first step when creating powerful intentions is to start by reflecting on your life, your goals, your wants, your vision. Make a list of everything that comes to mind, doodle, create a vision board, or a mind-dump map. Whatever works for you just get all of your thoughts out on paper. 

This is going to be the foundation that shapes your intentions, and helps you manifest the life you want to live. 

02: keep it positive

Intentions are positive. Always. There is no room for any kind of negative undertone, because most likely there wasn't any sort of negative undertone in the reflection/vision mapping you just did above. The life you want to manifest is a positive one, so the intentions you set need to be positive as well. 

For example: Say one of the visions you wrote down is to lose weight...well thats not really a destination now is it. What do you really want? Most likely you want to have a healthy, happy relationship with your body, one that allows you to feel comfortable, and supports all the other dreams and goals in your life. 

Now that is more like it.

So instead of having our intention be "I intend to loss weight" our intention is going to focus on the positive mindset that will support that vision you have for your body and your relationship with your body. 

"I will nourish my body everyday and will speak kindly to myself to help support a healthy body and mind"

"I will allow my weight to balance, and choose foods without rules and restrictions. I will trust my body."

03: write them down

Once you have your vision, and your intentions nailed down it is time to write them down. Writing down your intentions makes them real, and also gives you a place to turn back to consistently to reflect on them. 

Remember that your intentions are supposed to reflect the journey that helps you get to your destination. They shouldn't be your destination, which means that they can reflect small, short-term baby steps that can then be added and edited as needed.

04: make a list of how you will support your intentions

Now that you have your vision laid out, and your intentions written down it is time to make a list of all the things you can actively do every day to support your intentions. 

For example: Say one of the big things you envision is a life that is free from so much stress. You have identified that stress is really reeking havoc in your life and you want to become better at managing it. 

  • Your goal is: To reduce stress

  • Your intention is: I choose to allow more peace into my day, and be mindful of simple moments. OR I am in control of how I choose to react to the world around me. I choose to remain calm in life's busy moments.

  • Your list to support your intention:

    • Set an alarm at 1PM with my intention to remind me

    • Prioritize mindful movement like walks/yoga that help me feel calm

    • Create work boundaries around emails and phone calls that make me feel overwhelmed

    • Create a nighttime routine that helps me relax: Take a bath, read for 30 minutes, get in bed by a certain time to ensure a good nights sleep

Now you not only have a vision and a journey for how to get there, you have a map. You are smooth sailing with GPS, ready to turn and navigate with whatever life throws at you.

05: re-read daily, add/edit as needed

Re-reading your intentions daily is an essential part of making sure that they really take hold in supporting you on your journey towards manifesting that life vision of yours.

Focus in on the ones you feel you may be struggling the most with, and set-alarms on your phone to remind you of them. Post them on your fridge, or on your bath room mirror, or on your desk computer. 

Make them easily accessible to you for those moments when you will need them.

my 2018 intentions for manifesting an empowering, positive life

Now that I have shared the tools you will need to create positive, powerful intentions of your own I thought that I would share some of my own intentions for 2018.

These may change as the year goes on and that is entirely okay, but right now these are the intentions that I believe will really help me manifest the life I want, and help empower me to become an even better version of myself this year.

My 2018 Intentions + How You Can Set Powerful, Positive Intentions Of Your Own

01: How people treat me is their karma; how i react is mine. i will choose to react from a place of kindness.

02: i will choose to bring mindful practices such as yoga into my life to promote positivity and self-reflection

03: i am worthy and capable of greatness. I will allow abundance into my life and will push myself past my comfort zone

04: my body is worthy of love and affection. I will choose to speak kindly too it and find confidence in other areas of my life that make me who i am

05: i will seek out nature when i need clarity, for that is where i am always most likely to find it.

I hope you found this post and exercise to be helpful and are well on your way to reflecting on your personal life vision, and working on writing down those intentions that will support the kind of life you desire. 

If you feel that you could use some more individualized support in meeting some of your goals, especially as they relate to health, weight, food, body image, and nutrition I am always here to help.