Incredible Companies That Make Sustainable Living So Much Easier!

When I first set out on my own journey to live a more sustainable life and become a more conscious consumer I'm not going to lie, I was totally and completely overwhelmed. 

You see I had no idea just how much plastic I used, how unethical my clothing was, how much deeper labels like "organic" or "fair trade" go beyond our own personal health, and most of all I had no awareness in regards to how much of the money I was spending on a day to day basis was actually going towards positively impacting the world I live in. 

If I am being honest, when I really took a hard look at our consumption practices, our money was going to big businesses with poor sustainable/ethical standards out of convenience. 

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everyone has to start somewhere

So I spent hours and hours researching best practices when it came to sustainable living, learning more about our carbon footprint, our water footprint, the true cycle that our clothes and food take before they are brought into our home, the worst chemical offenders when it came to our skincare/cleaning products, and our addiction to plastic. 

I decided to go back to school and get a MS in International Food Policy + Nutrition and a MPH in Global Public Health. I went on to become a registered dietitian because I felt that the more tools and education I had at my disposal the better I would be able to serve the world and make the positive impact I wish to make. 

But while all of this education was great and incredible experience that I value today, there still was this issue of how to actually take information and translate it in a way that allows busy normal people to implement sustainable living into their own lives? Even for someone like me who was able to turn this passion into a career, I still felt my own boundaries when it came how I could actually implement the things I had learned.

Incredible Companies That Make Sustainable Living So Much Easier - The Well Essentials

What Was Missing

At that time there just weren't as many accessible alternatives to things like clothing, skincare, sustainable home goods etc. The minimalist movement hadn't quite taken off yet, and while the slow food movement gaining momentum, these same concepts just weren't out further than our food.  Which meant that I spent a lot of time digging for companies and brands I could trust and recommend, while also simultaneously removing myself from this convenience-driven complacency I had unknowingly been a part of. It wasn't easy, but I am actually really glad that it was my experience in transitions into sustainable living because it made me so much more capable of helping, empowering, and guiding folks today.

But with that said THANK GOD there are more incredible sustainable living companies out there today that are making this process and way of living way more accessible to the everyday consumer. Because, most people are not going to have the time to search for hours and hours for a brand or company to replace their cleaning supplies, or to help reduce there waste. They need to know what their alternative and where they can get it, so they can get to doing all the other amazing things they need to in their life, and hopefully be able to embrace sustainable living...not turned off by it. 

Incredible Companies That Make Sustainable Living So Much Easier - The Well Essentials

Incredible companies that are making sustainable living SO MUCH EASIER

sustainable & ethical fashion

Done good

The DoneGood app and browser extension makes it easy to discover companies making great stuff and making the world better.

Just download the browser extension and the next time you are searching the web, Done Good will recommend alternative ethical brands to the ones you current like to shop.

Good On You

Fashion Without Harm.

Our shopping choices have a huge impact on how businesses treat people, the planet and animals. The Good On You app to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to shop their values.

Just download the app and gain access to how your favorite brands are holding up when it comes to sustainable/ethical fashion

Safe skincare

These companies can entirely replace your need to shop at Sephora or any other department store or drug store for you makeup, haircare, and skincare needs.


I am be biased because I am from Boston and this is a Boston based female owned business, but Follain is taking the safe skincare industry by storm! Their standards are incredible high and are supporting so many small-safe skincare businesses.

credo beauty

I love how large of a selection credo beauty has without compromising their standards. Personally, I will go to them for my makeup and hair-care needs, as their selection of colors and options is pretty big!


The Detox Market always has amazing deals if you need to buy quite a few things. So when I find myself in need of a more expensive skincare purchase I will opt to wait for one of the sales to come through The Detox Market


When it comes to food I always would recommend prioritizing local and small businesses. However, sometimes being able to order online for your packaged goods can be helpful, which is why I love these companies that are making organic/fair trade food options more accessible.

thrive market

We have been using thrive market since they opened and we absolutely love it!

I do wish they had stricter standards when it came to fair trade, but just be on the lookout for the best option when purchasing!

With this link you will also get 20% off of your first three orders!


equal exchange

Equal exchange makes switching your coffee, chocolate, nuts, and some other bulk items we all love so simple! 

Their standards are the gold standard when it comes to sustainable/ethical food procurement.

cambridge naturals

This is more for folks local to Boston or in New England. Cambridge Naturals has been around for decades and is your one stop shop to all things sustainable living. 

There standards are so high and overall they are just a wonderful company. 

They also have a small online shop for those interested who may live outside Boston!


the Citizenry

A great alternative to Crate and Barrel, Home Goods, or Pottery Barn

The Citizenry develops direct relationships with local artisans in developing nations to bring handmade luxury goods at reasonable prices without compromising on ethics or sustainability.

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The Little Market

The Little Market is a fair-trade artisan shop filled with  a variety of home and lifestyle items. 

Everything in the shop is fair-trade and you can guarantee is helping to empower and support the life of the female artisan and her family.

Earth Hero

I recently came across Earth Hero and I am so glad I did. 

This site is a one stop shop for all things sustainable living. Think of it as a sustainable living target or amazon, but here you are supporting small businesses who are doing things right both for people and planet!