Holiday Gift Guide: For The Hostess/Host

Since this weekend kicks off the start of what will most likely be a few weekends full of holiday and Christmas parties, I thought that we might as well kick of the December 2016 Holiday Gift Guide series with a gift guide for the hostess. 

I for one am NEVER someone who goes to a party, or even over to a friends house for the night without bringing something. Maybe it's the inner eternal hostess in me, or maybe it is just my Mom's voice in my head reminding me to never walk into someones house empty handed. Today if I do happen to ever forget to bring something when I am going to a party I feel so so guilty! The hostess of a party, especially a holiday party, works hard to make sure the decorations look nice, the food is tasty, and drinks are pouring, it's the least I can do to bring a little something to say thank you. 

This year there are so many wonderful hostess gifts out there for such a wide variety of budgets, but before we get into all these pretty goods I gotta be real with you and say that when in doubt a good ~$15 range bottle of wine is never a bad idea :)

All my choices for the hostesses in your life as numbers and pictured below, just click on the link at the bottom of the post to be brought to where to buy. 

holiday gift guide for the hostess/host

  1. A Proper Drink Signed Copy - For the hostess who also loves a good cocktail. The author talks about the evolution of the cocktail and why fancy cocktails are so popular today - $27

  2. Metallic Pineapple Tumbler - Pineapples are a traditional hostess gift that is a symbol of welcome, friendship, and hospitality - $35

  3. Jacobsen Salt Co. Salt Vial Gift Set - For the hostess who loves to cook, this would be an adorable gift that is more unique than the always appropriate bottle of wine - $30

  4. Mingle Decanter - This decanter is SOOO pretty, and would make for a lovely hostess gift for a friend who likes to entertain - $49.95

  5. Elsa Glass Tea Light Candle Holders - These glass tea light holders are perfect for holiday entertaining and would make a great gift for someone who recently bought a home, or loves minimalistic home design - $7.95-$12.95

  6. Candlefish Ceramic Candle - If you haven't come across these candlefish ceramic candles yet then please check them out next time you are in an anthropologie. They smell amazing, and look beautiful making them a great hostess gift - $28

  7. Corkcicle Air - This is a great gift for the host OR hostess, and is sure to be something that they will use for many parties, and bottles of wine to come - $24.95

  8. Agate Cheese Board - This agate cheese board is absolutely beautiful, and while it may be a little on the pricy side for a hostess gift, if split with another person this would be a really special gift for a hard working hostess to receive - $78

  9. Glass Nordic Mug - If you have a host/hostess who loves tea this pretty glass loose leaf tea steeper mug is sure to be loved. Pair it with some holiday inspired loose leaf tea and you have a perfect host/hostess gift.

  10. Marble and Copper Cheese Knife Set - This knife set is beautiful and would make a great gift for the hostess that loves a pretty appetizer display.

  11. Celestial Agate Slice Coaster Set - Coasters may not come to mind when you think of a host/hostess gift, but think of all those guest putting drinks on your host's pretty wooden tables?! These coasters are super elegant and make for a really thoughtful gift he/she is sure to love - $40

  12. Elizabeth Monogram Mugs - I actually purchased these mugs for all of my bridesmaids to drink out of the morning of our wedding, and they were a big hit! They have almost an old fashioned look to them that can definitely translate into the holiday season and would make a nice gift for any host/hostess.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! Check back here soon for a delicious gluten free holiday linzer cookie recipe!

Note: I haven't partnered with any of these brands, I just truly love all these gifts and think they would make any lucky hostess very happy.