Holiday Gift Guide for Conscious Green Living and Beauty

Boy am I excited to share this gift guide with you all because being socially conscious and environmentally aware in my living/beauty habits is something that I am so passionate about. While you all know by now that I am a firm believer in nourishing our bodies with whole, good for us foods, I also believe that the same holds true for the products we put on our bodies, and have in our homes.

Nowadays there are so many incredible "green" conscious brands out there, and many of them are small businesses that it is kind of a no-brainer to make the switch to a more socially conscious, better for you way of living. 

Since making the switch to all-natural, organic beauty/home products can be somewhat intimidating, I curated this incredible list of "green" gifts that would be perfect for anyone in your life trying to lead a more "green" lifestyle. Many of these would make for great stocking stuffers, or little presents for yourself :) I have already purchased many of them to give as little gifts to friends and family, not to mention a few for yours truly over here! 

Like my other gift guides, all of the products depicted are linked below with a description on why I love the product, and why it would make for a super special holiday gift. 

holiday gift guide for conscious green living and beauty

green gift guide.png
  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp: If there is someone in your life who struggles with allergies, seems addicted to commercial air deodorizers, or has issues sleeping at night, a 100% natural Himalayan Salt Lamp would be an excellent choice for a natural alternative solution to all of the above! - $34

  2. RMS X Follain: The Eye Edition: Follain is a lovely store located right in my neighborhood in Boston that focuses on carrying all natural, organic skincare and beauty brands, with an emphasis on local products whenever possible. When I switched to all natural makeup RMS was the first brand I tried and I have loved it ever since! This eye edition kit would be a perfect way to introduce all natural makeup to your eco-friendly loved one! - $60

  3. CLN and DRTY Luxury Anti Aging Facial Oil: Since I threw out all of my non-organic/natural skin care products CLN and DRTY has quickly become a cult favorite of mine. By this point many of you have probably heard that using oil to moisturize our skin is the way to go, and this luxury anti-aging facial oil is pure magic! The fact that it has been formulated for a variety of skin types (even tough combination skin) is incredible and makes it a super versatile gift! The owner/founder of the brand is this beautiful mama with two adorable babies who started CLN and DRTY when she realized that she didn't trust the sunscreen she was using for her childcare, and wanted a safe alternative to all the chemically ridden products marketed to both adults and kids! Needless to say she is quickly taking the natural skincare industry by storm! - $22  

  4. Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Beauty Set - While we are on the topic of all natural skincare, this is another small business that I love. The husband and wife duo started the brand in their Seattle kitchen, and their attention to detail, and the use of quality ingredients definitely shows. Right now I am most excited about this beauty set, which would make a perfect gift for a special someone!

  5. Chi Candles - I absolutely love this eco-friendly soy based candle brand from Etsy. #1 supporting small businesses on etsy just makes me feel good. #2 they smell AMAZING! #3 they are good for our health, the air we breathe, the environment because they are loaded with toxic fillers and instead are made with eco-friendly soy wax and essential oils. - $16

  6. MarbleMist Glass Diffuser: Diffusing essential oils is an incredible way to help calm anxiety, and naturally deodorize a space without any harmful chemicals. This diffuser is absolutely beautiful and rather than looking like a diffuser, it looks more like decorative piece of blown glass making it perfect for any home. - $25

  7. CLN and DRTY Natural Deodorant: Okay so lets get real for a second shall we. When it comes to all natural deodorants for the most part they all pun intended. They don't work, they are sticky, you have to use your hands, etc. I can't even tell you how many brands I have tried over the years until FINALLY I found CLN and DRTY. The deodorant is amazing, it blows my old deodorant out of the water, works incredibly, and smells absolutely wonderful! If I could bath in it I would. - $12

  8. Oxo Glassware Storage Container Set - Okay I know what you may be tupperware for a Christmas present? Guys have you seen how expensive these can be! And if you have an eco-friendly cook in your lives trust me she/he will love getting this gift! I straight up want like 5 sets and it would be the best present ever. Since storing in glass containers is really the only way to go in my opinion, they are worth the investment, and not to mention they look beautiful filled with all your delicious meals. - $30

  9. Threads for Thought Clothing - Personally I am obsessed with almost anything that this brand comes out with but I particularly love their workout leggings! Threads for Thought promotes the responsible and sustainable production of fashion forward clothing, and was started in 2007 by a college student who thought the world needed more sustainable clothing choices. Girl after my own heart! - Most items are between $25-75

  10. Organic Stamped Dot Duvet/Pillow Set - Do you know that the cotton industry uses more pesticides than almost any other crop! When I learned this I knew that not only did I need to focus on purchasing organic cotton clothing, but also focus on switching out my bedding to more eco-friendly versions. This pretty duvet set from West Elm uses organic cotton, and would be perfect for someone looking to redo their bedroom, or for a wedding gift! - $29-129

  11. Organic Cotton Cable Knit Throw Blanket - Along the same lines as the organic cotton bedding, these organic throw blankets are beautiful and produced without harmful chemicals. They would make a great holiday gift for someone looking to transition to more organic home textiles, not to mention they look absolutely beautiful! - $65

  12. Aurora Recycled Glassware Bowls (Set of Six) - These glass bowls are stunning and made from 100% recycled glass. We registered for a few recycled glass items for our wedding and they have quickly become some of my favorite pieces! These would be perfect for someone getting married, or as a hostess/host housewarming gift! - $28

Note: I am in no way affiliated with any of these products/brands. These are items I use daily, and are brands that I believe in, and I know are working hard to make our world a little more eco-friendly, and safe for consumers! Happy Holidays! Check back soon for a delicious gluten free lemon and blueberry cookie recipe I have heading your way!