Meal Planning Guide to Healthy Balanced Meals

There is a trend happening right now in the nutrition industry and I swear the whole goal is to try and make deciding what to eat as confusing as possible. Are you feeling confused? I bet you are, and if I didn't have years of nutrition education and experience behind me I would be too.

My private practice nutrition clients are all coming to me with their hands up in the air not sure where to turn anymore. There is the paleo diet, the ketogenic diet, the intermittent fasting diet, the low-carb diet, the low-fat diet, the mediterranean diet, the atkins diet, the raw foods diet, the vegan/vegetarian/alkaline/etc. diet. 

You get the picture.

There are about a million "diets" being promoted today that all claim to be the solution to answering everyones health and weight related concerns. The diet industry itself is a multi-billion dollar industry, and yet people continue to be poorly fed, struggling with their weight, and more confused than ever.

The Well Essentials Healthy Meal Planning Guide

Finally I decided that I had just had enough. While some of these "diets" yes may be helpful to certain people, and even be consistent with what I like to call a persons "food culture". What is missing from them all is flexibility and individualization. No one single diet will ever work for every person, because we are all not the same. Thank god right?! I mean how boring would that be anyway?!

I also was tired of seeing meal planning guide after meal planning guide that provides people with some recipes and a calendar and called it a day. This is my opinion really helps no one. We can all google healthy dessert/dinners recipes, and pin our little hearts away on pinterest, but without learning how to choose, prepare, and spot balanced meals for ourselves, we really aren't getting anywhere. 

So instead of creating yet another "healthy recipe guide" I wanted to create for you all The Well Essentials Healthy Meal Planning Guide that will actually teach you how to plan and create balanced meals for yourself. Meals that you can tweak to fit your own personal dietary lifestyle. Meals that are routed in whole, delicious foods, and are easy and enjoyable to prepare once you have the tools to do so.

The Well Essentials Healthy Meal Planning Guide

In my mind, education and knowledge is everything. Without it, we are just flailing in the dark, looking to listen to anyone who will tell us what to do. Well guess what, I don't want to do that. I don't want to tell you what to eat, I want you to decide that for yourself. What I do want to do is help you make choices that you can feel confident about. I want to help you feel less overwhelmed in the grocery store and less confused in the kitchen. I want to help you learn how empowering planning and preparing meals can be, and how positive taking control of your meals can be for the health of you and your family. 

Because here is the thing, I get it. Life is busy. We have work, kids, friends, spouses, etc. all pulling us in a million directions, and the idea of cooking meals every single day is straight up exhausting! But it really doesn't have to be. Why do I know this? Because I myself grew up in an incredible busy household, with a mom who worked full-time, and still had dinner made for us every night. Because I worked my way through two masters degrees, and never lived off take out.

Sometimes the meals weren't the most exciting, something they were repetitive, but what they were was homemade, and this really does mean something. It means that there was a small amount of time (less than 2-3 hours) taken each and every week to prioritize my families nutrition. Whether you realize it or not, this small amount of energy placed on creating healthy meals for yourself and the ones you love has an incredibly powerful effect on the choices you make in your daily life. When you plan and prepare your meals you are connecting with your food and your body without even realizing it. You are creating wonderful habits for your children, and encouraging simple health changes in your own life. 

The Well Essentials Healthy Meal Planning Guide

Does this all sounds too good to be true? I promise you that becoming a person that is confident in your meal choices all on your own really is possible, and it's not as difficult as you may think.

what's inside the well essentials healthy meal planning guide

In The Well Essentials Healthy Meal Planning Guide I have provided all the steps you need to learn how to create balanced meals for yourself. I walk you through exactly what I teach my clients and what I practice in my own daily life. I provide you with the education and encouragement you need to start to make changes in your own nutrition, and give you the tools to leave the world of trendy weight-loss diets behind you for good. 

Inside the guide you will find:

  • Over 30+ pages of nutrition education

  • Step-by-step instructions for meal planning

  • Lists for healthy grocery shopping

  • Information on building balanced meals

  • Examples of healthy snacks and breakfasts

  • Delicious sample recipes

  • One week long sample meal plan prepared for you, by yours truly

  • A lifestyle planner for you to fill in on your own

  • And so so much more!

My only goal with this The Well Essentials Healthy Meal Planning Guide was to help empower you to take charge of your nutrition, and start to be empowered in your own meal choices. I want to help you feel more comfortable in the kitchen, and know that the choices you are making for yourself and your family are supported by a qualified registered dietitian. 

To access The Well Essentials Healthy Meal Planning Guide simply click the link here and you will be taken to my shop where it is simple to purchase and immediately downloadable. 

I hope you guys find this guide to be helpful, I put so so much work into it and feel so confident that you will love it as much as I do.