Ingredient Spotlight // Maca

Maca is one of those health supplements that has been starting to gain more momentum lately, however I still feel as though most people are not truly aware of the health benefits that this food can have, specifically in regards to hormone balance, stress, and libido. 

Personally as someone who has always had pretty bad PMS symptoms, I like to take Maca around that time of the month, when my hormones could use a little balancing. Since my stomach is very sensitive to most pain medications (ie ibuprofen) I like to use Maca to balance some of my symptoms naturally. I will also use Maca when I am feeling particularly stressed or fatigued and I notice a difference in how my body seems to be able to handle stress. While Maca can be found in both powder and capsule form, I like to buy the powdered version from Thrive Market where I always find it at the lowest cost, and add a little to my smoothies when needed. 

But what is Maca exactly? Maca is a root also called "Peruvian Ginsing", since it is traditionally grown in central Peru. Traditionally Maca was used to help increase strength and endurance, and aid in fertility, however today it is most commonly known for its ability to help balance the bodies endocrine system, and balance hormones. Today most people supplement with Maca to manage stress and hormones, energize naturally, aid in reproduction, and support a healthy libido.

How to Use Maca

Maca is recommended to be taken at roughly 1/4 - 1/2 tsp daily, and can be mixed with juices, smoothies, oatmeal, homemade energy bars, etc. I usually add about 1/2 tsp to my smoothies during periods when I am feeling overly stressed, exhausted, or experiencing PMS symptoms.

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Disclaimer: It is important to remember that while Maca is an all natural health food that can have some positive benefits based on the individual, it is not a miracle drug, and has not been regulated by the FDA, it is not intended to treat, diagnose, or prevent illness. Before beginning a new supplement it is important to contact your doctor.