Healthy and Allergy Friendly Recipes For Your Thanksgiving Menu

If you are anything like me you may be still trying to finalize your Thanksgiving Menu, and looking for some fun new dishes to bring/impress your family or friends with this Thanksgiving. For me I always like to bring at least one side dish and always a dessert. Because I have been dairy free most of my life, and gluten free for the past 10 years, I had to learn pretty early that if I wanted to have options I was going to have to bring them. 

So I stopped pitying myself for the abundance of side dishes, and desserts I wasn't able to eat around the holidays and instead I learned how to cook and bake in a way that was so delicious my family and friends would never know the difference. 

allergy friendly thanksgiving menu

but why wouldn't i want an allergy friendly section all to my own?

Here is the thing, I really didn't like having a section of desserts that were "only for Meg because she has food allergies". I am the only one in my family with food allergies, which means that it wasn't like there were a bunch of us to share the allergy-friendly food, it was all mine, and while some people would absolutely love not having to fight for the last piece of pie, I always felt overwhelmed by the excess that was entirely up to me to finish, and isolated that I didn't get to share my meal with everyone else.

So much about the holidays is about sharing food and communally eating with one another. So when your allergy-friendly food is sub-par and only meant for you because it's your only option...well it kind of takes the fun out of this very communal time of year, and can feel a bit isolating. 

I also want to let anyone out there reading this know that people with food allergies appreciate it so very much when someone without food allergies makes an effort to not make them feel like a giant inconvenience. My mom always did an amazing job at this!

The holidays can be really stressful with food allergies, it usually is the time of year when cross contamination can happen, and when I personally can attest to feeling the most out of place, and like a giant pain in the ass for having allergies that I certainly didn't choose or want. So when someone goes out of there way to think about my allergies without being asked, while it absolutely is not expected (and really shouldn't be) it is so unbelievably appreciated. 

That is why today, I only create recipes that are allergy friendly, and absolutely out of this world delicious. I want people to be shocked when they find out something is dairy and gluten free, and ask me for the recipe on the way out the door. 

I want kids, and adults with food restrictions to feel that they can enjoy the holidays just as much as everyone else, and not with "special food", but with DELICIOUS food that is safe for them to eat, and equally enjoyable for all the non-allergy folks.

So with all that said, here are a few of my favorite healthy, seasonal, and allergy friendly recipes for you to add to your Thanksgiving menu, whether you have someone coming to your house with food allergies or not. 

appetizers and side dishes

main dishes


I hope you enjoy these recipes and have a wonderful time preparing your Thanksgiving Menu! One of my favorite parts about Thanksgiving is actually the Wednesday before when my sisters and my Mom all get together to do a lot of the baking and prepping. It is such a fun time of year and I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with your family and friends!