Part Two: Guide to Sustainable Living // My Favorite Resources

Okay so last week we talked all about getting started with sustainable living, if you missed that post absolutely head on over and check it out so you are all caught up.

In that post we discussed what sustainable living is all about, the main categories that are at play when it comes to living sustainably and ethically, and how to get started with a few simple steps. 

This week however, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite resources to help you begin your journey towards sustainable living. Throughout my own journey I have been inspired by so many people, teachers, books, experiences, etc. and while I hope that The Well Essentials is a great resource for you to turn to throughout this process, it absolutely is not the only resource. 

guide to sustainable living

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The Omnivores Dilemma

This book I have come back to time and time again. Written by Michael Pollan it takes a non-biased approach to looking at our food system, and really brings up a lot of questions in the reader about how we view our food system, and what changes we can make today to make a difference.

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Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Barbara Kingsolver does an amazing job in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle of bringing the reader through a year in her life of living entirely off of food grown locally and from her own home. The book inspires bringing sustainable practices into your life, and focuses on living as locally as possible. 

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Destination Simple

This book is the perfect pocket guide to help any busy, stressed out, over-stimulated person learn how to live more simply. Brooke Mcalary takes simple everyday rituals and helps her readers turn them into a collective means for creating a slower paced, more enjoyable life. 

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Kiss The Ground

If you want to learn more about the state of our current food system, Kiss the Ground is an amazing place to start. This organization is dedicated to educating people about the need for a regenerative food system to help combat climate change. They provide helpful videos, blog posts, and are coming out with a book soon!

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The Good Trade

The Good Trade is one of my favorite websites, and also sends out a daily newsletter that gives a great snapshot into inspiring companies, and ways to bring conscious consumerism, and sustainable practices into your everyday life.


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Fashion Revolution

This website and organization is an incredible resource for learning more information about the ethics, safety, and general practices behind our global fashion and textile industry. They also are a great option for looking into the ethics and sustainable practices behind some of your favorite fashion brands.


third plate.jpeg

The Third Plate: Field Notes On The Future Of Food

Dan Barber is a world-famous chef based in New York, and also an advocate for creating a food system that can supply sustainable, delicious, nutritious food to the public, while supporting the health of the environment. 

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This is by far my favorite documentary on the sustainable food movement, and is absolutely worth watching for anyone who is interested in learning more about what local, sustainable food can do for the health of our communities, and the world around us. 



Cowspiracy takes a hard look into our global beef industry, and lays out just how much of an impact the mass production of meat has on our health and the environment. While I wouldn't say that this film is entirely unbiased, it does a good job of laying out the facts around the conventional beef industry without taking too strong a stance towards one particular food lifestyle choice. However, it does miss the mark on the incredible work that sustainable beef producers are making to support a regenerative food system, and leaves out entirely the important place that animals play in supporting healthy soil, and a sustainable food system.

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The True Cost

Whenever someone tells me that they would like to start living more sustainably and ethically I always recommend they start with watching this documentary. It does an excellent job of showing the truth behind our global textile industry, and specifically the fashion industry, and really brings to life the human, and environmental costs associated with the clothes we wear daily, yet barely think about.

chefs table.jpeg

Chef's Table

If you want to begin to redefine your own food culture, and reconnect to the way you choose to fuel your body, chef's table is a great place to start. This documentary series follows passionate chefs from all over the world, and does an excellent job of bridging the connection between our food and our culture.

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The Slow Home Podcast

This podcast is one of my favorites. Hosted by a super relatable married couple with children, they talk about their transition into slower paced/sustainable living and make the process seem very manageable, and rewarding. 


Social Entrepreneur

I love how this podcast focuses on entrepreneurs whose mission is to create positive social impact. Not only are the companies and stories inspiring, it also reminds the listeners that choosing to pursue a dream for the sake of helping others is worth doing, and possible. 



Sustainable Dish

This podcast covers all things sustainable and is hosted by a Registered Dietitian living on a working organic farm just outside of Boston. She interviews many guest speakers in the sustainable food space, and never is afraid to shy away from a controversial topic or two.

Conscious Chatter

This podcast is a great way to learn more about conscious living, and transitioning towards a more conscious way of consuming. It definitely has a focus on fashion and the textile industry, and is a great way for consumers to learn how to make more sustainable, ethical choices when it comes to their clothing, and learn about some amazing ethical brands in the process. 


The Mind Body Green Podcast

While not everything on The Mind Body Green podcast is focused on sustainability, many episodes do cover environmental issues, ways to transition to healthier ways of living, and ultimately how to live in a way that positively impacts the planet. It is absolutely worth subscribing and just skipping around depending on your current interests.

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Okay there are so many amazing people and companies doing absolutely incredible things to help increase awareness around sustainability, regenerative agriculture, and conscious/ethical consumerism. I couldn't possibly list them all but here are a few of my favorites to get you started.


The Well Essentials and The Well Co. okay okay shameless plug, but as someone who has dedicated many years of my life to education, service, and passionate work on sustainability and global health nutrition I would be very honored to be able to be one of the people and resources that you source your sustainability and health oriented information from. But now on to some of my other favorites.

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The Good Trade

The Good Trade is the perfect resource for daily inspiration about how to live a more sustainable, ethical life everyday.


Beekeepers Naturals

This bee company is out to save the bees, and educate consumers on how they can help! Not to mention all of their products are absolutely amazing, and perfect for boosting immunity to sweetening tea, and desserts with sustainably sourced honey.


Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange is a worker owned co-op bringing fair trade coffee, chocolate, bananas, and tea to consumers, while supporting directly the livelihood of farmers in developing nations. Their work in the fair trade food industry is the best of the best and their standards should be the gold standard for our global food system.


Fashion Revolution

If you want to learn more about our global fashion industry then Fashion Revolution is the place to start. They do an incredible job at engaging consumers, and empower consumers to change the way they view their clothing, one piece at a time. 



GlobeIn is a monthly subscription box service that helps bring knowledge and awareness about artisan made, fair trade goods into consumers homes. They also have an amazing online shop with beautiful fair trade, handmade goods available for purchase.

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SlowFood Movement

The Slow Food Movement is happening on a state and national level, and is helping bring knowledge and awareness about the need for sustainable local food in our communities. 

Ethical Made Easy

Ethical Made Easy helps those who want to learn more about ethical fashion, sustainable lifestyle options and brands who are helping reshape the way we view consumption. 

Rodale Institute

The Rodale Institute is part research, part farm, part community focused on improving the health and well-being of people and the planet with a regenerative agricultural system.

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Sustainably Chic

If you are looking for beautiful sustainable clothing, and self-care options you have to follow Natalie. She makes sustainable, ethical living look attainable and glamorous, and proves that fashion can and should exist responsibly. 


The Citizenry

If you are a sucker for interior design and beautiful home goods like me, then The Citizenry is for you. Ethically sourced from artisans all around the world, The Citizenry proves that ethically produced goods are absolutely beautiful and worth investing in.

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Food Tank

Food Tank is a food think tank focused on changing the way we view our global food system. They provide education, and resources for consumers to help make a difference in changing the way the world produces its food, and consumes everyday.

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