The Well Essentials 2018 Earth Month Challenge

Recently over on Instagram I asked my community if they would be interested in joining in on a two-week long Earth Month challenge and overwhelmingly everyone wanted in. 

So I decided to pull together a fun two-week long challenge that would focus on a new topic each day that if everyone started thinking more about could make a HUGE impact on the health of our beautiful world, and the health of our bodies. 

why did i decide to start this challenge?

What I have found working in public health nutrition and sustainability is that people really do care and are willing to make changes that will positively impact their health and the health of the planet...most people just need guidance and education as to where to begin.

Because most people have busy lives and families and hectic work schedules that aren't going to leave them with hours to devote to researching the most common endocrine disrupting chemicals found in bottled water, or the best reusable alternative to zip-lock bags.

It can seem overwhelming...and that is where I come in. It is my job to educate, research, and do everything I can to help inspire people, yes even busy people, to make changes that are sustainable long term and can really make a positive impact!

I believe in the power of each and every individual to create immense change, and that is why I decided to start this challenge. To get people talking and interested in the world around them and their impact in it. 

how to join in?

It's simple. Just head on over to The Well Essentials Facebook Tribe and join in on each day's topic. You can post your #thewellearthmonth moments both in The Well Essentials Facebook Tribe and in Instagram

each day's tasks

Every single day there will be a new task that you can use to help rethink the way you consume, and positively impact your health and the health of the world this earth month. 

See the image below for details on each day's topic that we will be focusing on each day.

Earth Month Challenge - The Well Essentials

Share how you are joining in on the challenge by tagging your #thewellearthmonth moments over on instagram, and come join in the conversation in the facebook tribe! I'll be sharing my favorites over the course of the two weeks.

You also get $30 OFF The Well Library over the next two weeks during Earth Month! Simply use the code: EARTHMONTH at checkout!