A Year In Review: 2016

Oh 2016...while so many people around the world seem to be super excited to say goodbye to you, I for one will be a little sad to see you go. You taught me so much, and brought so many wonderful things into my life...but you made me work for them.

Because my husband and I got married this year, so much of 2016 seemed to be dedicated to planning, celebrating, and saving for our wedding. But if I said that it was easy, and everyday was filled with rainbows and sunshine I would be lying. This year was hard! We really had to work through as a couple some really difficult financial and family related stresses, but honestly we became so much stronger because of it. 

I really do believe that we can either sink into the tough times that life throws our way, or we can use them to grow and develop into better people. When I look back on 2016, I think about it fondly because it made me a better person. While it is impossible for me to not think about some of the unfortunate negativity that was put in our lives, at the same time I also think about how much closer, and stronger Mike and I became as a couple. We are challenged by, grow, and change as people due to the tough times, and I think that during these 12 months of 2016 I really learned how to be a better partner and support system for my husband, and also how to be better, and kinder to myself. 

january 2016

January started out on kind of a low note actually. Both Mike and I ended up coming down with a horrible case of noro-virus after attending a friends wedding in Mexico, and basically had one of the worst travel experiences we have ever had coming home. It was a major bummer, but we got through it and were happy to move on to February :)

february/march 2016

During February and March I started to reconnect with some of old designing roots and has such a blast designing our save the date invitations, and began working on my calligraphy skills so that I would be able to design all of the paper/signage elements of our wedding. It was a really nice distraction during such a tough time of year here in New England.

april 2016

We traveled to North Carolina for our engagement photos and had the best time getting to know our wedding photographer and got to spend the weekend with my sister and her boyfriend who live in Raleigh. 

may 2016

May had to be one of the most rewarding and stressful months of the year. I graduated from Tufts University with a MS in Nutrition and a MPH in Global Health, and honestly it was such a surreal feeling to walk in my graduate school graduation. 

june 2016

June was filled with a TON of stress and fun! My bachelorette party in Charleson, SC was an absolute blast and my bridal shower in my home town was absolutely beautiful. I also finished my dietetic internship, which was the most incredible feeling. My graduate and clinical education was finally complete!

july 2016

July was kind of the calm before the storm where we weren't officially in wedding chaos, but we were starting to feel the realness of it all a little more. During July we traveled to Block Island for our dear friends wedding, and I also passed my dietetic clinical exam and was finally a Registered Dietitian. 

august 2016

August was filled with so much fun and a whole lot of stress! We traveled to North Carolina to visit my sister, saw one of my best friends get married, and spent a weekend away on Nantucket.

We also dealt with a great deal of financial and family related stress, and we learned even more as a couple how strong our partnership had become, and handled everything that was sent our way with a lot of strength. We went into the month of September knowing without a doubt that we were ready to commit our lives to one another.

september 2016

Photo from our Wedding Welcome Dinner at a beautiful estate in Chatham, MA Cape Cod. We had amazing weather and it was such a perfect way to kick-off our wedding weekend. 

Then we got married! On September 3rd, 2016 we were married in Chatham, MA on Cape Cod and our wedding weekend was everything we could have ever hoped for. We went through so much as a couple to get to this point, but honestly both of us believe that the hard times have made us even stronger as a couple, and we both felt so prepared and deeply confident in our relationship as we said our vows to one another. 

We also took off our our honeymoon, and spent the month of September exploring more than five countries, and loving our newly married life.

october 2016

We finished up traveling throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East for our honeymoon and had one of the best trips of our lives. We love to travel as I am sure you are aware by this point, but there was something so special about traveling just after our wedding that we will remember forever. 

december 2016

We celebrated our first Christmas together as a married couple, had the most wonderful Christmas Eve with my husband's extended family, and then had a wonderful Christmas with my extended family. It was an absolutely world wind of a holiday season, but we had a blast!

So here is to 2016, one of my favorite years to date. I will always think back on you as one of the most amazing years of my life. Now here's to a wonderful 2017!

All photography was either taken by myself at The Well Essentials or the lovely Ashley Bosnick our lovely friend and wedding photographer from Ashley Bosnick Photography

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