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How Meal Planning Can Support Intuitive Eating

It is amazing how disconnected we have become from this innate intuition that absolutely every other species has to feed itself. Somewhere along the way, we decided to complicate our relationship with food, turning it into something that is "good" or "bad", or capable of causing a great amount of shame. We began to use it as a tool for managing our stress and feelings rather than addressing them. 

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Addressing The Global Water Crisis Through Social Enterprise

If there is anything I have realized working in both food and water security in developing countries it is that there are many many players involved in creating true change capable of making a long-lasting, sustainable impact.

That could be through an international humanitarian aid organization, through a local community NGO or even a local congregation or business. There are many ways that people, businesses, non-profits, educational institutions etc., can help to create change within the system...the goal is that they do so collectively to create the longest lasting impact. 

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Could Your Gut Be Affecting Your Happiness? Breaking Down The Gut-Brain Connection

Have you ever had that feeling in your stomach right before you are about to give a big presentation? Or have you ever found that when you are nervous you lose your appetite? The gut-brain connection is very real, and while we all seem to innately understand and talk about it (I'm looking at your nervous stomach) from a young age, we still seem to underestimate the true effect the gut-brain connection can have on our health, and how we feel on a daily basis. 

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How To Create Space In A Cluttered World

No one can deny that we currently live in a world that is cluttered. Whether it is with cars, things, information, or negative energy people are feeling overwhelmed, and the desire for "space" is starting to take hold with more and more people turning towards minimalism, meditation, and overall simplified living to help carve out more space in what has become a very crowded world.

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Every Behavior Starts With A Positive Intention

I remember feeling the exact same way when I first heard this quote. I was in the throes of some pretty unhealthy habits that were wrecking havoc on my body and my mind. I was overexercising, I had a very strict diet, but couldn't control my night-time snacking (because I wasn't eating enough). Top it off with the fact that I was working 12+ hour days, and barely sleeping I was a bit of a hot mess on the inside, and someone who totally had everything together on the outside.

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My 2018 Intentions + How You Can Set Powerful, Positive Intentions Of Your Own

We are just about two weeks now into the New 2018 Year. So I thought I would check-in and see how it is going so far for ya? Did you commit to certain resolutions? Have some of them already fallen to the wayside? Are you feeling centered and empowered with a clear vision for your life this year, or are you feeling overwhelmed?

There isn't a right answer here, but it was something that I wanted to bring up now that some of the New Year energy that always surrounds January 1st has begun to fade, and the realities of daily life are setting in.

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