5 Sustainable Subscription Services Worth Trying

Who doesn't like a good subscription box? I mean it basically is like getting a present at your door every month and it's not even your birthday or Christmas. These days there are subscription boxes for almost anything you can think of. There are wine of the month boxes, coffee boxes, chocolate boxes, make up boxes, skin care boxes, snack boxes and of course boxes specifically for your favorite pets. 

Over the past few years however there has been a new wave of boxes that are focusing on helping introduce sustainable, eco-friendly, and fair trade practices to a wide population of people in a simple little box that arrives on your doorstep every month. What I love about the mentality behind these boxes is that they are starting to introduce global awareness to people who may not have a ton of time to look into what movements like fair trade or sustainable living really mean, or why they should care about sustainable procurement processes. 

sustainable subscription services

And honestly I get it, if you are not someone who's career or job or passion is all tangled up with sustainable living it can be pretty overwhelming to try and simply dip your toe into this world of sustainable practices. It can be hard to know where to turn, who to trust, and where to focus your energy. But with that said, there's just something powerful about learning about responsible fashion practices while opening a beautiful handmade handbag, or talking about why fair trade is important in the chocolate and coffee industry while smelling and tasting some delicious treats.

Sustainable Subscription Services

In my experience when people are exposed to learning in a really interactive and enjoyable way, for instance like opening a beautiful box that feels like a present. They are more likely to open their minds, and eyes, to simple ways that they may be able to be more sustainable and conscious consumers throughout the rest of their daily life.

What may start with a simple sustainable subscription service could lead to so much more, which is why I think all of these brands listed below are doing such a wonderful job of making sustainable living something that doesn't seem so overwhelming, and in fact can be really fun and enjoyable.

Five Sustainable Subscription Services Worth Subscribing To



I was fortunate enough to be gifted a GlobeIn Threads Box by the wonderful folks over at GlobeIn after we connected via Instagram. They curate beautiful artisan boxes that all have a variety of themes based on your own personal preference. What I loved most when I received my box was the high quality of the products I received. They were all full size, and were worth significantly more than the value of the box. They also included a great information booklet that explained what the purpose was of each of my "threads" inspired items, and I really felt like that allowed me to connect and appreciate the pieces I received more.

Boxes vary in price but start at ~$35-50, you can also recieve $10 off a 3 month subscription using the code WELLESSENTIALS


What another wonderful company. Their tag line is "better products for a better world" and really could it get any sweeter than that. Causebox delivers limited edition, socially conscious boxes only 4 times a year. Causebox partners with really incredible companies in bringing their boxes to the public all while helping to empower the lives of women in the developing world.

The boxes are valued at over $150+ but retail at $49.95

Citizen Bean

Where are my coffee lovers at?! Citizen Bean is another subscription service that brings sustainable coffee from small batch sources to consumers. Every month the coffee you recieve changes, meaning you are constantly getting to try new varieties. They also ensure that the coffee procured is absoluetly delicious, making it known that you don't need to compromise taste and quality for ethics.

A three month subscription goes for $79.99, and includes one full pound of whole bean coffee (not 12 oz.) and many food samples, herbs, coffee accessories and/or other monthly delights.

Buddhi Box

buddhi box

My sister actually gifted me a Buddhi Box the month leading up to my wedding for a little (and much needed) de-stressing. Each box offers yoga inspired gifts and supplies that are all full size! In my box I received some full-size essential oils, all-natural mat cleaner, some self-care items like an amazing face mask, and one of my favorite headbands for working out. This is such a great box for a special yogi in your life and I would definetly recommend it. 

Boxes are $34.95 per month + shipping and change every month 


This brand is pure luxury! With a tagline of clean, ethical, and sustainable Botanic and Terre is taking the spa experience to you, all while staying true to their mission of providing only all-natural and organic beauty products that are better for both our bodies, the earth, and the people involved in making them. 

Boxes run bi-monthly and are available for $40.99 but are valued at close to $70

As always opinions are my own, and I was not compensated by any of these products, although I did receive the GlobeIn box as a complementary box and am an affiliate of theirs. However, I will be purchasing on my own in the future as I do genuinely love the company and what they stand for.