5 Healing Benefits of Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are probably one of those Ayurvedic natural remedies which you may have heard of, or even dabbled a bit in, but for the most part essential oils still seem to be relatively untapped in terms of their wide spread usage for naturopathic remedies. Honestly, I have to admit that when I first began to experiment with essential oils I was a bit skeptical myself, how could simply the smell of something change my mood, make me sleep better, or heal old scars left behind from blemishes. It wasn't truly until I went through yoga teacher training that I began to better understand just how effective using essential oils can be in supplementing an overall healthy and mindful lifestyle. 

Like any health product, which is what I consider essential oils to be, it is very important that when purchasing these oils that you make sure you are buying high quality products. There are so many varieties claiming to be essential oils out there nowadays that it can be difficult to make sure you are buying a brand you know is only using quality ingredients.

Personally I love the Anjou Naturals line of essential oils as they are made up of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (make sure you look for therapeutic, steam distilled, or pure medicinal when choosing a brand) and the price/value on their oils really is fantastic. Currently my favorite way of winding down at night is to add a few lavender drops to the Anjou Naturals Aromatherapy Diffuser and just lie back and relax for 30 minutes before bed. Creating this mindful space before even getting into bed has actually been helping with my never ending issues with insomnia, and overall better total sleep quality. I honestly am really look forward to continuing my journey is discovering all the health benefits that essential oils can have for me personally, but for now here are 5 of my favorite healing benefits of essential oils that I can testify to and recommend trying. 

5 Healing Benefits of Using Essential Oils

  1. Lavender - I had to start out with my favorite essential oil. Lavender is incredibly versatile and is sensitive enough to be applied directly to skin in small areas (note most essential oils need to be placed in a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil before coming in contact with skin). Lavender is most famous for its calming properties and ability to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Personally I like to spray a lavender mist on my pillowcase at night before bed, and I carry lavender oil when traveling to calm my anxiety around flying. Usually I will just place a few drops on my wrists and breathe in deeply, which always seems to do the trick.
  2. Tea Tree Oil - If you are someone who has struggled with problematic, blemish prone skin you may have come across beauty products that use tea tree oil as an ingredient in their acne treatment. Rather than paying for some diluted products with a whole slew of filler ingredients, try using tea tree oil on your blemishes and see them diminish quicker than any other beauty product you have ever tried. Tea Tree Oil is safe to apply directly to skin, so I recommend taking an organic cotton swab and dabbing a little tea tree oil right on your blemish the next time you are in need of a quick fix. 
  3. Lemongrass - While lemongrass has about a million benefits, my absolute favorite use for lemongrass is to relieve nausea and stomach related issues. Personally when I am feeling nauseous I will smell lemongrass oil and it has a tendency to significantly decrease my nausea. I also like to make a homemade lemongrass tea by combining 1/2 cup fresh lemongrass with 1 tsp fresh ginger, 4 cups water, and a squeeze of lemon for a detoxifying and stomach ache aiding remedy. 
  4. Peppermint - Speaking of indigestion, peppermint is always my number one go to for calming an upset stomach (however this should not be used for those suffering from acid reflux as peppermint can exaggerate those symptoms). Peppermint oil is actually one of the few essential oils that can be ingested in small quantities, so typically I will add 2 drops to a large 20 oz glass of water and consume slowly.
  5. Eucalyptus - The last oil I recommend aiding to your arsenal of essential oils is eucalyptus. Especially if you are someone who suffers from constant colds or allergies, a few drops of eucalyptus combined with a carrier oil such as coconut oil rubbed on the temples, and chest can help with congestion and clear sinuses. 

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